Healing Symptoms Quickly, Safely and Without Drugs

It’s not uncommon for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome to overlap with many other symptoms and disorders such as anxiety, sleep issues, pain, depression and more. This shows the importance of testing and understanding. Our natural treatment for Fatigue and Adrenal dysfunction will help you see what is causing your symptoms and empower you to get better and stay better.

We’ve developed a modern natural method that heals symptoms quickly, safely and without drugs, consisting of sophisticated scientific testing and cellular mechanisms focusing on action potential electricity, cell membrane integrity, bonds between the cell and its matrix and much more.

Many people hone in on CFS and its relationship to the adrenal gland. They assume your “get up and go” chemicals (cortisol, epinephrine, norepinephrine, etc.), many of which are produced in the adrenal gland, are exhausted in conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome. Although not inaccurate; this narrow approach handcuffs the ability to help, but also fails to see the intricate interconnections of our Mind-Body Ecosystem.

Our adrenal rhythm is established by the hippocampus which is located in the temporal lobe of the brain and if the brain is compromised, all of its resulting systems will be compromised as well, including the adrenal gland. Our stress response starts in the Brain and ends in the Adrenals. Many hormones such as testosterone and DHEA activate and help tone adrenal function. LHI’s Baseline Therapy pinpoints the intricacies of your individual biochemistry leading to uncovering and treating the root of your Fatigue.