Patented, Multifaceted Approach

Whether joint pain, nerve pain, muscle pain, or emotional pain – pain is a tough symptom to deal with. Pain itself, is multifaceted. It could be structural, anatomical, emotional and biochemical. But it is always a daily struggle. Over time, the pain will bring down your mood and mental well-being, and it is one of the most common symptoms to overlap with other imbalances and issues in the Mind-Body.

Most drugs that treat pain manipulate channels in the brain to reduce electricity, thus dampening pain signals. Most treatments and centers for pain utilize these drugs to treat your pain which not only mask the underlying root of your pain, but increase your pain over time! With these medications, incoming signals to our nervous system are changed in a matter of hours to in fact, sense more pain than before. The persistence of sympathetic stress pathways from both the pain, and the medications used to treat them, results in a significant imbalance in electrical activity throughout the Mind-Body. Once the Brain and Nervous System are calmed and returned to a Baseline, the Body AND Mind are much less sensitive to incoming pain signals and widespread bodily pain.