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Robertson Davies

The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend

Welcome to Lifestyle Healing Institute® where we provide a scientifically centered All-Natural Lyme treatment utilizing objective data that the brain and body inherently provide. Our method and protocol correlate each bodily system with each other to ascertain a truly holistic picture of the brain and body. Using these biochemical patterns and correlations, we employ our unique method which heals symptoms quickly, safely and without prescription medications. 

If you want different results, you need a different treatment. Changing medicine prompts a change in thinking, a change in the process; thus, by treating Lyme disease as a symptom and not the whole cause, we heal symptoms in a safe way with patients often feeling much better in just 4-5 weeks. No chronic symptom or disease has a singular cause. There are always many factors involved in getting someone better. We are committed to providing all-natural, drug-free treatment protocols utilizing the most scientifically researched holistic care for our patients.


Wyatt Palumbo BSChE

Founder and Director of Research

Wyatt Palumbo graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Chemical Engineering with focus in Biochemical Engineering. Wyatt utilized his extensive background in science and mathematics to develop a method and protocol used to treat various medical disorders. After completing years of extensive research…

Edwin J Dean MD

Medical Director and Head Physician

Dr. Edwin James Dean is a graduate of Cornell University and Cornell Medical School. He completed a residency in emergency medicine at Los Angeles County – USC Medical Center. He is board certified in emergency medicine and is a past fellow of the College of Emergency Medicine, and past clinical instructor at USC Medical Center and the University of Miami.

Jack Palumbo


Jack has been involved with Lifestyle Healing from the beginning. He has been a part of Dr. Dean and Wyatt’s vision to help every person who comes to clinic.


IV Technician


IV Technician


IV Technician


IV Technician