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Natural Cellular Lyme Disease Treatment

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Chronic disease and symptoms can be truly debilitating. Many people start to question whether suffering is the new normal. You begin to wonder if it’s even possible to get better. After numerous failed treatments, hours of countless research, and years of suffering, being sick has taken a significant toll on your health. But it doesn’t have to be this way. At Lifestyle Healing Institute®, we developed LHI’s Baseline Therapy (BT) which Resets, Replenishes, and Reconditions the brain and body.

Baseline Therapy 

LHI’s Patented IV Therapy is made possible by the Baseline Therapy. The Baseline Therapy utilizes a scientifically Patented method to accomplish a full Medical Restoration of the brain and body.

Through this unique approach, we can get you better.

*Individual results may vary

*Individual results may vary

Our All-inclusive Patented Four Week Method and Protocol helps you get better.

fry test
fry test

Baseline Therapy

LHI’s Baseline Therapy brings the brain and body back together. A baseline must be established, so the treatments can focus on the symptoms that persist after a two-week baseline is attained.  


Our Baseline Therapy Resets our cells, thus signaling a slowdown which calms the brain and in turn calms down the body. This Reset reduces symptoms, thus re-establishing the body’s ability to heal on its own which enables the brain and body to achieve mind and body long term healing.


Our Baseline Therapy removes environmental toxins and restores the brain and body at the cellular level, thus enabling individuals to once again enjoy their healthy lifestyle.


Our Baseline Therapy reconditions individuals to take control of their brain and body. They take charge of their ability to stop the symptoms that caused havoc to their body, and achieve a healthy lifestyle.

The days of treating Chronic Lyme disease with extensive antibiotics and prescriptions medications is over. By utilizing Our Baseline Therapy individuals can bring the brain and body back together.

Our All-Natural Method and Four Week All-inclusive Protocol Includes:

Daily Consultations with Medical Staff & Wyatt Palumbo

All Initial All-Natural Supplements

Implement Customized Diet and Exercise Plan

All initial Blood work, Brain Chemistry & Pathogen Testing

Sessions with Multiple Integrative Therapists

1 Month of Extended Care (phone consults after program)







Don’t Kill My Lyme New Chapter Added

By Wyatt Palumbo


What if the traditional methods of fighting Lyme Disease were totally misguided or wrong? What if there was a safer, more efficient path to healing? Break down the misconceptions while getting a new bonus Chapter titled “What can I do right now?” This will arm you with a practical step by step method that anyone can do to jump-start their path to recovery. Detailed recommendations include mold testing, diets, brain and physical exercises and specific supplements for healing. Read now and get ready to take your life back!

Don’t Kill My Lyme

Discover One Factor that Might Keep You From Recovering in this Chapter!


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