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Most patients are suffering and frustrated when they arrive at our Naples, Florida Wellness Center. After exhaustive treatments at numerous health centers, no one can figure out what’s going on. At Lifestyle Healing Institute®, we specialize in the five percent for whom nearly every treatment, no matter what’s done, fails to fix the problem. We get to the root of the problem and heal the debilitating symptoms caused by Lyme disease and Chronic Lyme disease when no one else can do so. Below are just a few stories of recovery from our patients and what makes our treatment care different from any other treatment centers. 

*Individual results may vary

*Individual results may vary

Our All-inclusive Patented 4-Week Method and Protocol helps you get better.

fry test
fry test

The days of treating Chronic Lyme disease with another round of antibiotics or the next prescription medication are over. Our brain and whole body educational approach delivered by a Board Certified Physician and Medical Director will finally give you the answers you’ve been looking for. We start off our scientific All-Natural Patented healing approach by analyzing over 100 different biochemicals and biomarkers in your brain and body. Then, our team develops a uniquely tailored treatment program that helps restore you to a healthy state based on YOUR REAL CURRENT DATA. Our 100% All Natural Treatment Protocol (consisting of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals) will immediately begin boosting, replenishing, and repairing your compromised immune system as we rapidly restore your body to a functional state in just a short period of time. We accomplish all of this without the use of dangerous pharmaceutical drugs or antibiotics which have serious side effects. 

Our All-Natural Method and 4-week All-inclusive Protocol Includes:

Daily Consultations with Dr. Dean & Wyatt Palumbo

All Initial All-Natural Supplements

We Test your Home for Airborne Mold Spores

All initial Blood work, Brain Chemistry & Pathogen Testing

Extensive Sessions with an Integrative Therapist

3 Months of Extended Care (phone consults after program)







Most of our patients have been to countless doctors and tried numerous treatments, miracle cures, devices, antibiotics, or even prescription medications, only to end up feeling worse. Lyme disease and particularly “Post-Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome” are challenging and often misunderstood conditions that are extremely difficult to diagnose and treat. Your unique health issues demand a custom tailored treatment program which is precisely modeled around your testing results in order to effectively treat your various symptoms. Please call and speak with a qualified patient coordinator that will answer any questions you may have regarding our treatment methods or your unique challenges. All questions are valid and we encourage you to start healing today (866-663-3869). 

Don’t Kill My Lyme New Chapter Added

By Wyatt Palumbo


What if the traditional methods of fighting Lyme Disease were totally misguided or wrong? What if there was a safer, more efficient path to healing? Break down the misconceptions while getting a new bonus Chapter titled “What can I do right now?” This will arm you with a practical step by step method that anyone can do to jump-start their path to recovery. Detailed recommendations include mold testing, diets, brain and physical exercises and specific supplements for healing. Read now and get ready to take your life back!

Discover One Factor that Might Keep You From Recovering in this Chapter!


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