The only Lyme treatment center of its kind, our patented multifaceted approach is backed by over a decade of research, development, and clinical data that is integrated within one treatment program. Our team of integrated medical professionals is very pleased to announce that our Lyme treatment program is now largely covered by Medicare insurance, making it one of the only destination treatment centers for chronic Lyme that accepts Medicare.



Traditional and alternative treatments for chronic Lyme remain narrow – consisting of endless antibiotics, ozone, herbal treatments, and being told you that you have to feel worse in order to feel better. By treating Lyme as a symptom of much deeper-rooted causes, LHI’s chronic Lyme therapy continues to create unprecedented shifts with unprecedented results.

Our patented treatment for chronic Lyme begins by calming the cells of our nervous system to establish a Baseline. This calming physiological state pulls the body out of the vicious stress cycle of chronic Lyme while our team of integrative doctors and healthcare practitioners assess biochemical, emotional, psychological, and lifestyle contributions to your illness and design customized treatment plans that support the cellular level, the system level, and the whole person level.

Don't Kill My Lyme book by Lifestyle Healing Institute® Founder Wyatt Palumbo
In “Don’t Kill My Lyme – Just Get Me Better”, Wyatt Palumbo, BSChE, disputes the overwhelming opinion that you must “kill” your Lyme in order to heal.


Yes, you read correctly. You don’t have to kill your Lyme and suffer through months and years of harmful antibiotic, ozone, and herbal remedies. You don’t have to suffer the agonizing die-offs. You don’t have to kill your Lyme to get better.

Lyme and other chronic illnesses, especially chronic infections, build bioresistant biofilms making diagnosis and subsequent treatment elusive. Many individuals have been to numerous doctors who share the same philosophy – you must kill your Lyme. You must feel worse to feel better; it’s just not true. The data and most importantly, the Body, do not support this premise.

It’s time for a different solution.  A way that doesn’t require killing Lyme at all. Over 10 years as a nationwide Lyme disease specialist has shown that we should be building the body up, not breaking it down – plus it takes much less time and costs much less money.

• Lyme Disease and 80% of Infectious Disease build biofilms

• Biofilms are ubiquitous; it’s more about measuring the chronic infectious tipping point

• Biofilm fossil have dated back 4.25 billion years – humans have grown alongside these species and we don’t have to kill them to feel better

• Biofilm species have intricate and highly sophisticated communication systems with their own thriving ecosystems

• Antibiotics are the most common treatment available

• Antibiotics do not penetrate biofilms and thus are ineffective in Lyme and Chronic Lyme treatment protocols

• Antibiotics make biofilm species more resistant

• Antibiotics cause extensive damage to the brain, the immune system, and the GI system, making them ineffective and damaging

• Similar damage is noted in any treatment trying to kill Lyme including ozone, herbals, hyperbaric, and more

• This causes Die-off which worsens symptoms and even cause new symptoms to develop

• Lyme, other chronic co-infections, and infectious diseases are really symptoms of deeper-rooted causes

• A compromised immune system allows initial entry of Lyme Disease and other co-infections

• As the infection takes hold, Lyme appears to resemble numerous other conditions and begins to further affect other areas of the body and mind

• Treatment for Chronic Lyme disease requires a scientific, holistic, and integrated approach




The only Lyme treatment center of its kind, our patented multifaceted approach is backed by over a decade of research, development, and clinical data that is integrated within one treatment program. Our team of integrated medical professionals is very pleased to announce that our Lyme treatment program is now largely covered by Medicare insurance, making it one of the only destination treatment centers for chronic Lyme that accepts Medicare.
In the following sections, we answer some common questions about our treatment for chronic Lyme. As a nationwide leader and specialist on Chronic Lyme disease, LHI’s natural treatment for Chronic Lyme scientifically validates that you do not have to kill your Lyme to get better, consistently yielding unprecedented results that take much less time for much less money.
Most Lyme programs focus on killing the disease where symptoms often worsen in hopes to feel better, failing to address not only the whole physical picture – but also the psychological, emotional, and spiritual toll Lyme takes on the individual and their families. Crucial lifestyle needs such as nutrition, exercise, and breathing are often passed over while deeper lifestyle needs like how we go about ourselves and our relationships, are rarely – if ever – supported.

At LHI, we have specialized in Chronic Lyme disease for nearly a decade. LHI’s patented approach for Chronic Lyme treatment utilizes scientifically validated therapies to support the cellular level, system level, and whole person level. Acting as an outpatient immersive retreat for Lyme, each of your needs are assessed and integrated into your customized Lyme program where indoor clinical treatments are fused with our outdoor real-world Pharm property.  With sustainable science and education, individuals can directly apply and experience their healing in both an individual and group setting. The result is a program delivered by a team of experts that is far more safe, effective, while taking far less time than every other Lyme destination center in the country.


Our straight forward treatment for chronic Lyme begins by returning the body and mind to a Baseline by calming the cells of the nervous system towards their natural parasympathetic healing state. After a Baseline is achieved, multiple treatment modalities are layered into each program to support the cellular level, the system level, and the whole person level. Biochemical, emotional, psychological, and lifestyle contributions to your illness are assessed and each multifaceted treatment program is designed, with your participation, to meet your unique needs for healing.

Your program is all inclusive and includes all initial testing and diagnostics as well as the necessary therapies, visits, and doctors/practitioners to best suit your needs for sustainable healing. Sometimes you need more or less of a particular doctor or treatment modality. Sometimes inflammation, brain chemistry, or toxins are a large driving force and sometimes it’s lifestyle and trauma. Sometimes people hate needles. Regardless of what you need to get better, our integrated team of experts will take the time to listen, accurately assess and diagnose root causes, and design the best all inclusive treatment for your chronic Lyme.

Typical treatment programs for chronic Lyme are 5-8 weeks and are all inclusive of whomever you need to see and whatever diagnostics/therapies you may need to get better. We recommend that you take advantage of the full 8 weeks for no additional treatment cost. Everything within the treatment program is all-inclusive except for lodging.

We have been able to drive the price down over the years, and offer a sliding scale for first responders, teachers, military, single parents, and Naples locals. With typical destination programs costing tens of thousands of dollars and extending for months on end, our patented treatment for chronic Lyme is the only destination Lyme center that integrates multiple expert doctors, holistic indoor/outdoor care, and a scientifically validated patented approach with nearly a decade of research, development, and clinical results behind it.

This is the real question when it comes to Lyme Disease and any other type of infection whether viral, parasitic, or bacterial. For example, it’s estimated only approximately 10% of individuals with Epstein-Barr experience symptoms, but the other 90% do not. Lyme and other chronic infections are symptoms of underlying causes, and our treatment for chronic Lyme can uncover  and treat what is causing all of your symptoms.
The two most common culprits that affect our immune systems are stress and toxins. Stressors can be anything from money, work, and illness to our relationships, fears, and traumas. Regardless of the source of the stress, our Mind-Body produces a proportionate biochemical response that increases heart rate, blood pressure, and glucose consumption – but lowers immune function and blood flow to the front of the brain. This also leaves us exposed to becoming infected with pathogens such as Lyme, bartonella, or Babesia.

Environmental toxins such as mycotoxins, benzene, and toluene as well as industrial toxins such as plastics, pesticides, and other synthetic chemicals -all compromise our immune function. Our white blood cells, cytokines, and other immune system pathways are affected almost immediately when exposed to any of these types of toxins.

Studies show that if our immune system is healthy, we can successfully fight and manage countless different bacteria, viruses, and parasites; this necessitates the need to retrain sympathetic stress and Mind-Body pathways as well as remove any toxins from our Ecosystem. This also means infections, especially chronic infections, are symptoms of underlying causes.

A biofilm is a polysaccharide extracellular matrix (ECM) that 80% of infectious disease builds in order to increase their chance of survival once in your body. There’s a common theme with all life on this planet, which is the pursuit of survival. Additionally, the majority of life wants to achieve their survival with the path of least resistance. Bacteria and infectious pathogens are no exception. 99% of all bacteria don’t want to be free floating; it’s just too much effort. They want to congregate with their friends and feed off you!

A biofilm attaches, grows, and eventually detaches as part of their typical lifestyle. However, if addressed improperly, you induce detachment prematurely, which leads to further damage. An example of induced detachment is nutrient depravation.

A biofilm provides the platform tfor pathogens and other microorganisms and particles to build their own community. It provides Lyme and other infectious diseases a place to hang out, gather nutrients, and communicate. Biofilms form where there’s a flowing liquid surface next to a solid surface, such as the blood and GI system. Dental plaque is a biofilm, and they are also found naturally in Nature such as those slimy, slippery rocks in a creek or canal.

Furthermore, a biofilm is a place for them to live freely from attack of your own immunity. This means you can’t dissolve and attack infections with your own immune system if they’re hiding within a biofilm. The universal nature of biofilms means that we should be analyzing whether we’ve reached a tipping point in biofilm and infectious disease, not whether we have it or not.

Much smarter than you may think. Many species of bacteria and pathogenic infectious bugs have shown to communicate with each other within your body; they talk to each other. Additionally, they exist in various forms and are a product of their environment. Our extensive biofilm research shows Lyme can exist in multiple forms and essentially form their own ecosystem.

Most are familiar with the Lyme spirochete, but did you know it exists in a cystic form? It even exists in a form without a cell membrane. This shows the vast amounts of inherent adaptation that a single bug possesses.

Under stress, organisms mutate to prolong survival. E. Coli, one of the most studied bacterium of all time, can mutate two separate ways in response to the same stimuli – antibiotics. Antibiotic resistance is becoming more and more prevalent nowadays, because organisms are getting smarter, and as aforementioned, they’re merely trying to survive like everything else.

Studies show the same strand of E. Coli was separated and treated with the same antibiotics; the results were, one survived and became much more resistant to any additional antibiotic therapy. The other actually mutated by stealing a piece of a leftover virus from the host, downloading it to its genetics, and was then able to mutate so it no longer needed a biofilm to survive. These are not your everyday bugs; the sad part is this is largely a product of our own doing.

Biofilm are not a new concept, (dental plaque is a biofilm) however their association with infectious disease is largely unknown and misunderstood. Other common places that biofilms are discussed are water treatment facilities (water – flowing liquid, pipes – solid surface), and in the implantation of medical devices. You may not have heard of the latter two examples for biofilm; however, everyone is aware of dental plaque.

We could go on forever about biofilm, but you may wonder if we test for it. Of course, as with almost everything, you can test for biofilm as well. Lifestyle Healing Institute® would rather over-test than under-test, then risk guessing at what could be happening, rather than what is.

The problem with an attack on biofilms is that bugs don’t want to die; thus, they release one last burst of toxins before they die which is known as a Jarisch-Herxheimer (HX) reaction. HX reactions are extremely dangerous as they elicit the same response as any other environmental or industrial toxin.

Attacking the biofilm for chronic Lyme treatment and its co-infections is unnecessary, easily avoidable, and outright dangerous. Why would you beat down and damage your best healing tool, your own Body and Cells? Practitioners can convince us that killing Lyme and die-off is a necessary step in healing, but it’s not. You don’t have to feel worse in order to feel better.

All of these treatments are effective and been linked with countless benefits. They are great treatment methods when used appropriately. The issue with Ozone, hyperbaric, high dose vitamin C or peroxide, and other herbal remedies is that they are used to kill. Our body naturally produces peroxides and other chemicals designed to neutralize internal issues and pathogens; however, by pushing these pathways externally with these types of treatments, die-off is created.

Patients are treated with extensive antibiotics as the most common treatment for chronic Lyme. However, with chronic infectious disease that build biofilms – like Lyme, this is not only ineffective, but harmful, where countless scientific studies show excessive use of antibiotics with biofilms directly contributes to increased resistance, increased susceptibility to infection, and GI dysfunction.

We can fall into a trap by thinking that creating more neutralizing capabilities will clear the chronic Lyme, or that more antibiotics  should help.  Lyme is just another symptom, a symptom of a much deeper underlying causes. This renders these types of approaches not only ineffective, but often dangerous for their propensity to be mismanaged in attempts to kill pathogens like Lyme.


• Autoimmunity and Immune Dysfunction
• Chronic Migraines and Headaches
• Genetic Abnormalities
• Blood Sugar, Diabetes
• The Mind, Relationships, Emotions

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