Each Baseline program blends scientifically validated diagnostics and therapies with the necessary lifestyle changes to support both the body and mind. Led by a team of integrated doctors and healthcare practioners, the scientific setting of our medical clinic combined with the real-world outdoor application at our local Pharm property continues to empower sustainable solutions for chronic illness.
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LHI’s Baseline Therapy utilizes scientifically validated therapies backed by a patented method and treatment that has nearly 10 years of research, development, and clinical data. Our straight forward treatment programs begin with extensive testing of over 100 biochemicals to reveal what the body needs to get better and then returns the body and mind to a Baseline by calming the cells of the nervous system towards their natural parasympathetic healing state.


After a Baseline is achieved, multiple treatment modalities are layered into each program to support the cellular level, the system level, and the whole person level. Biochemical, emotional, psychological, and lifestyle contributions to your illness are assessed and each multifaceted treatment program is designed, with your participation, to meet your unique needs for healing.


All of LHI’s therapies are integrated within one program by a team of doctors and healthcare practitioners with over 150 years of clinical and medical experience.  Our patented holistic approach is delivered in both the medical setting of our clinic and the outdoor community setting of our Pharm property where individuals and their families can directly experience therapies, participate in group treatments, and integrate sustainable healing.



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At Lifestyle Healing, our integrative team is unified around getting you better. We implement the latest science with over a decade of research and development of our own. Our patented approach treats your cells, your body, and your mind. It combines the scientific setting of our clinic with the real-world application of our outdoor Pharm property where individuals are supported by a team with over 150 years of experience treating chronic conditions.
Take a look through the many clinical and holistic treatment modalities that are customized to best meet your needs for sustainable healing.
LHI’s Baseline Therapy is a patented method and system for treating health conditions. US Patent No. 9,827,264 for a “Method and System for the Treatment of Medical Conditions…” stands as the early pillar that unfolded into nearly a decade of research and development in treating chronic disease and mental illness.
LHI’s patented IV Therapy bypasses the digestive system allowing for biochemicals to directly enter the bloodstream to help reset electrical chemistry, restore biochemical nutrition, and remove environmental and industrial toxins.

Personally customized to your biochemical make-up, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids such as magnesium, chromium, manganese, taurine, and glutathione are uniquely integrated to restore antioxidants and biochemical cofactors while resetting the electrical activity of the nervous system.

LHI’s Contrast Therapy is a treatment where the mind is shown how to be in alignment with the body as it is systematically heated and cooled. This clinical therapy acts as cellular exercise where the heat expands our cells and the cold constricts them, challenging our cells both mechanically and electrically.

These thermal stimuli cause trillions of cells in our Mind-Body Ecosystem to come together in response, paving the way for cellular alignment and documented healing benefits that include improving circulation, immune function, while decreasing inflammation – studies also note increased levels of endorphins, glutathione, cellular metabolism, and more.

Supplementation is meant as an aid in healing, to help replenish and recondition our biochemical pathways. This means that supplements should mimic our own biology and biochemistry and well as our ecology, our earth. They should also be based on real results with real individuals.

Lifestyle Healing Institute® utilizes its relationship with our sister company, Lifestyle Healing Products, to deliver some of the most bioavailable, clinically based, natural supplements in the marketplace. Our hand selected blends of ancient herbs, plants, and natural biochemicals form a customized supplement regimen that works with the Mind-Body Ecosystem to continually reinforce the restoration of the mechanical, chemical, and electrical, integrity of each Cell.

Our lifestyle is one of the first aspects of ourselves that changes when stressors and symptoms affect our lives. As our world narrows, our lifestyle narrows also; food becomes more of a struggle, we move less, and our breath compensates – both consciously and unconsciously. We eat and drink multiple times per day, take nearly 10,000 steps, and we take about 25,000 breaths/day to extract oxygen as fuel to power the billions of cells in our Mind-Body Ecosystem.

Diet, Exercise, and Breathing are fundamental needs, but also crucial lifestyle choices towards sustainable healing. Customized Dietary and Exercise guidelines are blended with Functional Breathwork regimens to provide you a daily practice that serves and heals your Ecosystem.

If our Mind-Body were a computer, our Brain would serve as one of the primary gatekeepers or motherboards. As symptoms begin to weigh down the Mind-Body Ecosystem, imbalances and misfirings become more probable and apparent.

LHI’s Baseline Therapy utilizes neurological testing, assessments, and evaluations to customize cognitive exercises that pair with functional breathwork to help you integrate and rebalance your brain-body pathways. Think of it as an exercise program for your Brain, to help heal and Retrain your Mind-Body Perception and processing.

The body and mind are invariably inseparable but it can be hard to know where it all fits in. Chronic diseases like heart disease, Fibromyalgia, and diabetes, all have been documented to affect the mind, while illnesses like anxiety, insomnia, and depression have been well documented to affect the body.

Lifestyle goes much beyond what we put into our body; it’s also how we go about ourselves and the relationships we keep. From the slightest of changes to the deepest of wounds, our team of integrative doctors can support whatever is necessary for sustainable healing.

The unique approach at LHI involves blending multiple treatment modalities to treat both the body and the mind with an integrative team of doctors and healthcare practitioners. It also involves blending two different settings – indoors and outdoors.

Our treatment center combines the scientific setting of our clinic with the real-world outdoor application at our local Pharm property where individuals and their families can directly experience, both individually and in groups, exactly what healing feels like.

The result is a bridge between the body and mind, between the scientific knowledge of health with the organic experience of healing. Time and time again, this unique approach has scientifically empowered individuals to feel better and take charge of their health in ways that are truly unprecedented.

Lifestyle Healing Institute® provides holistic solutions within its program by providing significant education in both group and one-on-one settings. We meet with you every day; this is to empower and enable you to take charge of your health.

Holistic solutions also means establishing relationships with other health and community practitioners in the local community. Sometimes disease and illness can take such a grip on our life, that other therapies such as animals, yoga, occupational work, art, and more, are needed for us heal.

At our Institute, we always have time for questions. These are your symptoms, it’s your program – and we will take you as far as you want to go. Stay tuned for advances from Lifestyle Healing Empowerment, our sister company striving to provide interactive natural healthcare media and foundational health education to individuals worldwide.




  • Schedule a NO COST case review to see if LHI’s Baseline Therapy is right for you
  • Our typical treatment programs are 5-8 weeks and every program is all-inclusive of whatever testing, therapies, and care you need to get better
  • Progress and care is ongoing where follow-up support is provided by our medical team and our unique interactive healthcare platform that is included within each program

  • Paperwork, demographics, time for questions
  • Meet with medical director, review medical history, medications, lifestyle analysis
  • Initial treatments such as patented IV therapy and/or Contrast therapy
  • Education and Introduction to other treatments such as breathwork, diet, exercise, supplementation, and more
  • Additional Labs, Evaluations, and testing
  • One on One review of your case, your Initial Baseline Assessment, including all of your data, questions, and analyses.

  • Daily Treatments of LHI’s Baseline Therapy are typically administered Monday through Thursday with the weekends reserved for outside therapy, community partners, as well as rest and integration.
  • Typical daily treatments at our clinic include a Patented IV treatment, a Contrast Treatment, as well as an Office Visit with a member of our Medical Staff
  • Your Vitals and many other objective markers are constantly tracked, discussed, and accounted for throughout your program
  • Customized Diet, Exercise, and Breathwork provided
  • Customized Cognitive program to Retrain Mind-Body Perception
  • Your Initial Baseline Assessment (and ongoing) then dictates what other health practitioners or community partner treatments you may need:
    • Psychologists
    • Chiropractors
    • Acupuncture
  • Education is constantly provided, questions are consistently discussed, and care is informative, professional, and relentlessly positive

  • We have multiple synergistic therapies that maximize your outcome and help you get well
  • Multiple biochemical, psychological, and circumstantial issues create our symptoms, necessitating the use of multiple modalities, therapies, and standards of care to reflect the chronic and complex nature of  symptoms and disease
  • You are a crucial component in your own care; these are your symptoms, your feelings; we will often directly involve your primary caretakers, family members, or support team throughout your healing process.
  • The more you participate, communicate, and stay open to change, you will ensure your own ability to make the necessary healing choices towards sustainable health
  • Labs and other testing/evaluations are repeated to continue to track your care and progress
    • Follow-up calls are scheduled, additional at home resources are given




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