LHI’s scientifically customized and patented blend of natural therapies provide the biochemical support to overcome your symptoms, enabling individuals to become more in charge of their health. Each Baseline program consists of a blend of natural therapies and lifestyle choices AND changes designed to support the Body and Mind on the cellular level, the system level, and the whole person level. Our Baseline program maximizes our Mind-Body’s ability to self-heal and provides long-lasting tools for your health.
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LHI’s integrated approach blends a team of expertise together for each individual Baseline program. Our medical staff takes the time to listen, evaluate and progress each individual’s care and program. With wide ranging skillsets, from medical doctors and nurses to acupuncturists, chiropractors, counselors, and more – each program is handcrafted for whatever you may need.

In order to Reset, Restore, and Retrain our Cellular biochemistry, our Institute runs an extensive testing panel including bloodwork, a cellular analysis, and individual brain testing to pair with a medical history, examinations, and lifestyle analysis. By blending these skillsets with natural therapies and lifestyle changes, your Baseline program progresses into tangible results that you can feel, results that are sustainable.

Our method is patented and takes far less time, you don’t have to feel worse to feel better, and it addresses your health concerns in a safe way reducing and eliminating prescriptions drugs.



What you can expect from our treatment process, from beginning to end.

  • It all starts with a conversation with one of our patient coordinators to discuss your condition and introduce you to our program
  • You will be sent a description of our method, therapies, and programs as well as an Initial Health Assessment to complete
  • A NO COST consultation with a member of our team to discuss your case more intimately and specifically
  • Extensive testing is performed and your treatment is scheduled
  • Our typical all inclusive programs are 4-5 weeks unless you are local or overprescribed your medications
  • In overprescribed or complex cases, programs are typically 5-7 weeks
  • Progress and care is tracked, both objectively and subjectively, with ongoing follow-up care typically provided

  • Paperwork, demographics, time for questions
  • Meet with doctor, review medical history, medications, lifestyle analysis
  • Initial treatments such as patented IV therapy and/or Contrast therapy
  • Education and Introduction to other treatments such as breathwork, diet, exercise, supplementation, and more
  • Additional Labs, Evaluations, and testing
  • One on One review of your case, your Initial Baseline Assessment, including all of your data, questions, and analyses.

  • Daily Treatments of LHI’s Baseline Therapy are typically administered Monday through Thursday with the weekends reserved for outside therapy, community partners, as well as rest and recovery.
  • Typical daily treatments at the clinic include a Patented IV treatment, a Contrast Treatment, as well as an Office Visit with a member of our Medical Staff
  • Your Vitals and many other objective markers are constantly tracked, discussed, and accounted for throughout your program
  • Customized Diet, Exercise, and Breathwork provided
  • Customized Cognitive program to Retrain Mind-Body Perception
  • Your Initial Baseline Assessment (and ongoing) then dictates what other health practitioners or community partner treatments you may need:
    • Acupuncture
    • Therapy and Counseling
    • Chiropractor
    • Cranial Sacral
    • Yoga
  • Education is constantly provided, questions are consistently discussed, and care is informative, professional, and relentlessly positive

  • We have multiple synergistic therapies to maximize your outcome and help you get well
  • Multiple biochemical, psychological, and circumstantial issues create our symptoms, necessitating the use of multiple modalities, therapies, and standards of care to reflect the chronic and complex nature of  symptoms and disease
  • You are a crucial component in your own care; these are your symptoms, your feelings; we will often involve your primary caretakers or support team in your healing
  • The more you participate, communicate, and stay open, you will ensure your own ability to make the necessary healing choices towards sustainable health
  • Labs and other testing/evaluations are repeated to continue to track your care and progress
    • Follow-up calls are scheduled, additional at home resources are given



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At Lifestyle Healing, we strive to implement the latest research alongside an integrated provider approach. A lot of time is devoted to listening to you, assessing your health, assessing progress, and making layered adjustments. Our stepwise education program is designed to empower your understanding of the brain-body and the ways you can help your body heal. We pride ourselves in providing accessible, science-based and effective natural healthcare solutions.
By blending many different therapies, treatment modalities, and standards of care, LHI’s Baseline Therapy strives to deliver the most innovative healthcare to get you better.
LHI’s Baseline Therapy is a patented method and system for treating health conditions. Many of our therapies are made possible by the countless hours of research and dedication to helping people through accessible treatment methods and programs. US Patent No. 9,827,264 for a “Method and System for the Treatment of Medical Conditions…” stands as the early pillar of Our Team, Our Science, Our Approach, and Your Empowerment of your health and well-being. Each of our therapeutic treatment modalities utilized this patented methodology and system for treating chronic symptoms and disease.
LHI’s Patented Intravenous (IV) Drip Therapy delivers a unique all-natural blend of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that bypasses our stomach and GI system to directly absorb into the bloodstream. Each hand crafted IV is tailored to your symptoms and needs.

Biochemicals like Taurine and Magnesium instantaneously provide calming support to our brain and nervous system cells by helping to Reset and regulate our cell’s electrical activity. Minerals such as chromium, magnesium, zinc, and more, Restore our Cellular integrity by replenishing nutrition and reaction co-factors lost from symptoms damage and disease while providing natural detoxification support by administering naturally derived amino acids such as glutathione and n-acetyl-cysteine.

Our Contrast Therapy is a blend of researching and honoring the art of the past with the update of the latest modern science. Heating our cells comes through the use of certified low emf far infrared saunas while using cold water immersion to cool down our cells. The water of our cold tubs are pumped and sent through a charcoal ceramic filter, then pass through an ionic charge filter to ensure clean water with no harsh chemicals. By systematically heating and cooling our cells, LHI’s Contrast Therapy facilitates the dynamic alignment of the Mind-Body Ecosystem, allowing for autonomic stress and other Mind-Body pathways to readapt and self-heal. For the nearly trillion cells in our Brain-Body Ecosystem, contrasting temperatures is like cellular exercise; the heat expands our cells pushing out energy often accompanied by sweat, while the cold cools and constricts our cells inward creating wide ranging documented healing and benefits to the Body and Mind.

As warm-blooded beings, a lot of time, energy, and effort is spent regulating our body temperature. LHI’s Contrast Therapy causes our cells to undergo a biomechanical intensity and interaction that has been documented to achieve improved circulation, decreased inflammation, increases in antioxidant levels, a hardening effect against stress and stressors, improved immunity, increased metabolism, increased endorphins, and more. By pairing LHI’s Contrast Therapy with a guided mindfulness meditation of the mind and conscious stepwise breathwork and awareness, LHI’s Contrast Therapy becomes a retraining tool and a way to break engrained unconscious patterning/perception inevitably created from chronic symptoms and disease.

Supplementation is meant as an aid in healing, to help replenish and recondition our biochemical pathways. This means that supplements should mimic our own biology and biochemistry and well as our ecology, our earth. They should also be based on real results with real individuals.

Lifestyle Healing Institute® utilizes its relationship with our sister company, Lifestyle Healing Products, to deliver some of the most bioavailable, clinically based, natural supplements in the marketplace. Our hand selected blends of ancient herbs, plants, and natural biochemicals pair with other well-known companies to give you a customized supplement regimen that works with the Mind-Body Ecosystem to continually reinforce the restoration of the mechanical, chemical, and electrical, integrity of each Cell.

Our lifestyle is one of the first aspects of ourselves that changes when stressors and symptoms affect our lives. As our world narrows, our lifestyle narrows also; food becomes more of a struggle, we move less, and our breath compensates – both consciously and unconsciously/autonomically. We eat and drink multiple times per day, take nearly 10,000 steps, and we take about 25,000 breaths/day to extract oxygen as fuel to power the billions of cells in our Mind-Body Ecosystem.

Diet, Exercise, and Breathing are fundamental and absolutely crucial lifestyle choices and skillsets for our health. They are also profound healing tools if understood and executed properly. Customized Dietary and Exercise guidelines are blended with Functional Breathwork regimens to provide you a daily practice that serves and heals your Ecosystem.

If our Mind-Body were a computer, our Brain would serve as one of the primary gatekeepers or motherboards. As symptoms begin to weigh down the Mind-Body Ecosystem, imbalances and misfirings become more probable and apparent.

LHI’s Baseline Therapy utilizes individualized cognitive exercises based on quantitative testing and evaluation and pairs that with functional breath work to help you integrate and rebalance your Brain Chemistry. Think of it as an exercise program for your Brain, to help heal and Retrain your Mind-Body Perception and processing.

Lifestyle Healing Institute® provides accessible solutions within its program by establishing relationships with other health practioners and providers in the local community. Acupuncturists, Cranial Sacral Therapists, Chiropractors, Counselors, and others utilize their skillset to interact with LHI’s Baseline Therapy to create additional synergy within each treatment program.

By blending these skillsets together, we can help maximize the success of each patient’s program by regularly incorporating our community practioners within each treatment plan based on each individual Baseline Assessment. These types of treatments are blended with LHI’s core therapies such as our Patented IV, Contrast Therapy, Lifestyle Choices/Changes, Oral Supplements, and Cognitive Integration – as necessary – based on your Initial Baseline Assessment.

Direct experience is an event that involves more than just the logic of the Mind. It involves our senses, our perceptions, our unconscious Brain-Body cycles and processes, and more – all acting together to light up the Brain-Body in a way that is not achievable through shear logic, knowledge, and compartmentalizing of the Mind. These experiences are often the ones that drive our life and can serve as our basis to change and heal.

By involving more aspects of ourselves with the remarkable healing power of our Natural World, we are able to recreate real-world, real-time experiential healing performed at a Lifestyle Healing’s dedicated Pharm property. By participating in a direct experience in a unified group, the Body and Mind are able to reintegrate together to help break the unconscious engrained patterning of symptoms, suffering, and disease much more effectively.

How can you get better without having the knowledge and understanding on how and why you arrived here? LHI prides itself on providing education in both group and one-on-one settings. We meet with you every day; this is to empower and enable you to take charge of your health.

At our Institute, we always have time for questions. These are your symptoms, your program – and we will take you as far as you want to go. Stay tuned for advances from Lifestyle Healing Empowerment, our sister company striving to provide interactive natural healthcare media and foundational health education to individuals nationwide.

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