Chronic Lyme Disease Treatment: What Compromised my Immunity?

There are a number of factors that can disrupt immune activity in the assessment and treatment of chronic Lyme disease. At Lifestyle Healing Institute, our research has shown that multiple brain-body areas are affected and that all Lyme disease treatment centers and Lyme disease doctors need to be addressing this fact. 

In nearly all cases, when the immune system is compromised or imbalanced, it’s not from the invading pathogen but through an external source. In other words, if you have symptoms from a pathogen such as Lyme, babesia, bartonella, and so on, your immune system must have been compromised at some point prior to your contracting said pathogen.  Moreover, we show that poor immune function makes it difficult to treat Lyme. Now what are those causes? Our research shows three major contributors (in no particular order). Oftentimes, individuals will have some sort of combination of the below and their resulting chronic Lyme treatment must reflect that. 

Top Immune Disruptors :

Pathogens and Toxins. Includes other pathogenic infections, fatty toxins, environmental/industrial pollutants, any overprescribed pharmaceutical medications, among others. These prove to be among the most potent and overlooked immune disruptors. Moreover, it’s usually necessary to get you off any overprescribed drugs to ensure long-term healing and overall immune integrity. 

Foods and Food Allergies. Certain foods contain potent inflammatory factors, like gluten, that should be minimized and sometimes completely avoided. Food allergies also increase inflammation among other threatening symptoms and can worsen your condition. 

Stress, Mental-Emotional Processing. To cause the amount of immune suppression seen with chronic Lyme, the stress and/or disturbances must be chronic, which, to be honest, is not uncommon among Lyme individuals. Since most individuals affected by Lyme have some sort of stress, this definitely proves to play a major role in the initial disruption of the immune system.

At Lifestyle Healing Institute, we have shown that Lyme is part of the disease cycle, but not the whole story. We have patented a data-driven holistic treatment for chronic Lyme disease and have established the first immersive Lyme disease treatment center in the country. Most importantly, we have shown that you do not have to kill your Lyme – and suffer more – just to get better. 

The only difference among various chronic Lyme disease treatments is how to kill the disease; in the end, these approaches aren’t really that different from one another. There are natural treatments for chronic Lyme, conventional treatments for chronic lyme disease, and everything in between – but in the end – none of them are any different from one another. Lyme disease doctors and specialists continue to miss the main underlying causes for chronic Lyme.

It’s time for a different solution. It’s time to just feel better. Read on to learn more about our natural Lyme treatment and our unique immersive Lyme disease treatment center.

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