Chronic Lyme Disease Treatment: The Immune System

The first condition for allowing entry and symptom development from Lyme and many other pathogens is a compromised immune system. A compromised immune system not only allows entry and development of Lyme (and other pathogens) in the first place, but it’s also the reason the pathogen is able to build a home (and then a fortress, a biofilm) to ultimately cause you to experience symptoms. A compromised immune system is one of the underlying causes of chronic lyme disease and needs to be addressed for any treatment of chronic Lyme to be successful. 

Many individuals who are infected with Lyme are also infected with bartonella, babesia, Epstein-Barr, mycoplasma, herpes, chlamydia, and many other infections. This overlap within Lyme individuals reveals the infections to be more like symptoms than causes. Through our research we’ve found these symptoms point toward immune dysfunction – a major amount of immune dysfunction. More importantly, after we restore the immune system, an individual can fight off infections at his or her own reasonable pace. This causes individuals to shift toward that elusive majority, the majority who are not experiencing symptoms. This also becomes a way to incorporate complementary and alternative therapies for natural chronic Lyme disease treatment.

To allow entry and any subsequent development of Lyme symptoms, your immune system must have been compromised and/or your overall immune function must be deficient compared to those of healthy individuals. Individuals who are most susceptible to Lyme, its coinfections, and all their symptoms are individuals with poor immune function, especially when it comes to the persistence of symptoms. Moreover, healing Lyme is much more difficult if your immune system is suppressed. Most importantly, it has been scientifically documented that a healthy immune system is capable of clearing and treating chronic Lyme disease on its own, as well as a multitude of other pathogens and their resulting symptoms. 

Even if you help heal the immune system so it’s capable of fighting the symptoms of Lyme, you must ascertain why the infection happened in the first place. All Lyme disease doctors and lyme disease treatment centers need to perform adequate testing and assessments to help determine answers for each individual.

What We Do Differently

The only difference among various chronic Lyme disease treatments is how to kill the disease; in the end, these approaches aren’t really that different from one another. There are natural treatments for chronic Lyme, conventional treatments for chronic lyme disease, and everything in between – but in the end – none of them are any different from one another. Lyme disease doctors and specialists continue to miss the main underlying causes for chronic Lyme.

At Lifestyle Healing Institute, we have shown that Lyme is part of the disease cycle, but not the whole story. We have patented a data-driven holistic treatment for chronic Lyme disease and have established the first immersive Lyme disease treatment center in the country. Most importantly, we have shown that you do not have to kill your Lyme – and suffer more – just to get better. 

It’s time for a different solution. It’s time to just feel better. Read on to learn more about our natural Lyme treatment and our unique immersive Lyme disease treatment center.

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