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Traditional Alternative Therapies

Conventional Alternative Therapies After typical western protocols have been exhausted, one usually turns to alternative therapies.  Many conventional go-to alternative treatments include heavy metal toxicity, food allergies including gluten sensitivities, and diet focused therapies. When we think of alternative therapy, we turn to various types of treatment protocols that are non-traditional, something that western diagnostics […]

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Glutamate and the NMDA Receptor

Glutamate and the NMDA Receptor If you have meandered throughout our site, you should have stumbled upon glutamate, calcium, and action potentials. Glutamate is the brain’s number one excitatory chemical in terms of quantity; however, when its natural balance becomes compromised, the brain becomes extremely electrified.  An excitatory chemical, by nature, is a chemical […]

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Western Diagnostics and Treatment

Western Diagnostics and Treatment . Many are aware of traditional western therapies and various fields of medicine, such as family doctors, psychiatry, and neurology; however, to better understand why the philosophies outlined on this site are so effective, the inadequacies of these traditional fields of medicine must be illuminated. It is important to show […]

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