Chronic Lyme Disease Treatment: How Did I Get Lyme?

While most Lyme infections come from a deer tick bite, there are many additional carriers or vectors, including mosquitos, dog ticks, wood ticks, lone star ticks, rabbit ticks, and biting insects such as deer flies and horse flies. Common animals such as dogs, cats, horses, and birds also carry the disease. It is the most common vector-borne disease in the Americas (malaria being number one worldwide).

Most of the time, individuals with Lyme or any of its co-infections don’t remember initially contracting the infections. As 90 percent of Lyme individuals don’t remember getting the bull’s-eye rash, many also don’t remember their initial fevers either, and some are veen asymptomatic. 

The main reason many individuals suffer from a chronic Lyme disease infection is that their immune systems were vastly compromised, thus allowing infections to enter and develop in the first place; Sometimes individuals are so immunocompromised, that they don’t elicit a strong immune response at all. That’s why many don’t remember getting the bite, seeing the bull’s-eye, getting a fever, or even being sick at all at the time of the initial infection.

The only difference among various chronic Lyme disease treatments is how to kill the disease; in the end, these approaches aren’t really that different from one another. There are natural treatments for chronic Lyme, conventional treatments for chronic lyme disease, and everything in between – but in the end – none of them are any different from one another. Lyme disease doctors and specialists continue to miss the main underlying causes for chronic Lyme.

At Lifestyle Healing Institute, we have shown that Lyme is part of the disease cycle, but not the whole story. We have patented a data-driven holistic treatment for chronic Lyme disease and have established the first immersive Lyme disease treatment center in the country. Most importantly, we have shown that you do not have to kill your Lyme – and suffer more – just to get better. 

It’s time for a different solution. It’s time to just feel better. Read on to learn more about our natural Lyme treatment and our unique immersive Lyme disease treatment center.

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