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How Lyme Is Misdiagnosed

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Lyme Misdiagnosed / Compromised immune System

lyme treatment floridaNumerous studies have proven that your immune system must have been compromised at some time, to allow pathogens into your system. The most common immune suppressant that individuals encounter are mycotoxins which are environmental toxins produced by mold species. Mycotoxins (Black Mold Toxins) enter the body through its most potent route of inhalation and are readily stored in individuals with certain genetics (HLA-DRB-DBQ). White blood cells, cytokines and natural killer cells which make up the body’s natural defense system will begin to shut down upon entry of mycotoxins [1,2]. The immune system will remain in a compromised state until the body rids itself of these deadly toxins. Thus, allowing other devastating bacteria and pathogens, such as Babesia, Bartonella and Lyme disease to enter the brain and body. Research shows that Lyme pathogens can make their way to the brain within 12 hours after entering the body, making it a brain and body disease [3].

Education & The Diagnosis

Most individuals are concerned with eradicating pathogens and treating “Lyme” disease, without realizing that most symptoms can be treated without ever attacking and the pathogens directly. Therefore, the diagnosis becomes so important because for most people full eradication isn’t necessary. However, because of lack of education by traditional medicine and complacency of the patients affected, individuals seek one answer, one entity and one diagnosis to fix the variety of ailments portrayed by Lyme disease. Doctors and pharmaceutical companies base their treatments and medications on this dangerous premise, therefore feeding into the “American Way” of instantaneous results, however this is an unrealistic expectation for long term health healing. Removing toxins, along with brain and body nutritional replenishing, enables individuals to see a dramatic improvement with their symptoms of Lyme, without attempting to eradicate the pathogens.

The bigger problem is trying to correct the damages done to the brain and body due to the misdiagnosed and mismanaged treatments by doctors and “Lyme literate” practitioners (LLMD’s) who are unaware of the latest science behind these infections. Lyme disease and its symptoms come in many different strains, shapes, and sizes, making it more difficult to diagnose and treat. Wrong diagnoses are the single reason why many individuals suffer through agonizing treatment protocols that end up causing more damage than they had prior to their treatment. Most physicians and wellness centers provide “attempted link causalities” (ALC) which are merely symptom based diagnoses. Lyme requires a multi-step diagnosis involving numerous entities because Lyme can hide within a biofilm, thus lowering ones’ immune function.

Testing & Diagnosis Lyme

bullseye rashAlthough there’s no solid consensus on properly testing and diagnosing Lyme, Lifestyle Healing does an enormous amount of testing to determine if an individual’s Lyme “markers” are active. That said, regardless of whether you’re positive or not, you don’t have to treat Lyme to feel better.

Sometimes a small welt or rash that looks like a “bulls-eye rash” can be something much worse. Mosquitos can carry devastating viruses that can cause paralysis as well as other lifechanging symptoms. Tick bites have caused bizarre symptoms including “tick-induced mammalian meat allergy” where people develop severe meat allergies usually between two and ten hours after eating red meat. These individuals usually were found to have been bitten by a tick, and some were bitten as much as six months before their symptoms appeared.

Lyme disease is often misdiagnosed because of the abundance of symptoms that accompany everyone. These accompanied symptoms resemble diagnoses that many are familiar with, however, Lyme is usually not the underlying cause of one’s symptoms. Lifestyle Healing treats the symptoms to facilitate healing of the brain and bodily systems, without ever “killing” the Lyme. Because Lyme is a bevy of causes and disruptions, it’s often misdiagnosed, overlooked or never addressed properly.

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