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Traditional Alternative Therapies

Conventional Alternative Therapies

After typical western protocols have been exhausted, one usually turns to alternative therapies.  Many conventional go-to alternative treatments include heavy metal toxicity, food allergies including gluten sensitivities, and diet focused therapies. When we think of alternative therapy, we turn to various types of treatment protocols that are non-traditional, something that western diagnostics tend to overlook.  However, it seems that we are continually seeing the same alternative treatment programs reoccurring in wellness centers across America.

We wish we could drop the “traditional” label in front of alternative therapies, but the diagnostics and different types of treatment programs have become so abundant and repetitive that these centers are lacking the same skills as western doctors – proper questioning. This article will outline the plausibility of these traditional alternative treatments and other typical protocols which are seen throughout the country.  We will provide factual data as well as our opinions, so you can make an educated decision on both western and alternative doctors and their protocols.

Heavy Metal Toxicity (HMT)

HMT seems to be one of the most reoccurring diagnoses in alternative medicine; however, this therapy has been widely researched and implemented for many years. Many physicians will ask you if you have dental fillers and if/when you had them removed.  There is no doubt that HMT is a serious abnormality that can cause a multitude of problems in the body; however, many tend to fall back on this diagnostic while ignoring some simple facts.

There must be an abundant amount of heavy metals present in your system to cause any sort of problem as many of these metals are naturally utilized and required in biochemical reactions in the body. Let’s put this in perspective.  Many are aware of titanium joint replacements, and the amount of metal involved in this type of replacement.  This is an extremely viable and effective solution for many suffering from joint damage and who need a replacement joint.  Conventional thinking argued that over time (10-15 years), these joints can begin to fail; however, the mechanism at which they were causing complications was initially thought to be HMT.

After much research, it was actually discovered that the joints were grinding against the surrounding area resulting in various cellular responses in the immune system (2).  The replacement  joint and possible chipping of this joint were thought to have caused HMT, but in fact, there are complex cellular mechanisms in the immune system that can attack the joint and surrounding area causing pain and possibly causing it to fail (2). Although some would argue that this is HMT, this is really an issue of the immune system.  This is the same immune reaction associated with any foreign substance in the body. It is estimated that 10-15% of people have sensitivity to heavy metals; however, metals such as titanium have “rarely” reported sensitivities (1). Since mercury dental fillers are no longer widely used, if at all, mercury is not as much on the radar.  Combined with the documented sensitivities and incidence of metals used in implants, cobalt, chromium, and nickel and their resulting alloy mixtures are the primary metals that we should all be more weary of. It is important to note that many metal ions including iron, cobalt, copper, manganese, molybdenum, zinc and others are used and required in numerous biochemical reactions in the body; it is just that they all must be properly balanced to ensure safety (3).

There is no doubt that metal implants will cause an increase of metal ions in the body; however, the mechanism at which they are causing toxicity is seemingly more of an immune response based on a foreign substance in the body – the same reaction when food particles reach the bloodstream through a compromised gut lining.

It is also important to note that silver (Ag), in low quantities, has been used to treat infections and promote natural healing (4). Products containing silver are applied by rubbing it into the skin or by dressing wounds on the body; these silver solutions were proven to reduce the wound size and better control leakage and odor of the wound (4). This shows that many metals are effective and required in the body, and we must understand the complexity of these metals.

Moreover, one of the primary reasons we do not place heavy emphasis on HMT is because it’s one of the most common overlapping toxicities. In other words, HMT is usually accompanied by many other elevated levels of toxins.  This caused us to put extensive research into identifying the toxins that individuals are continually coming in contact with.  It was discovered that fatty toxins are really to blame for the suffering of one’s overall health. Nevertheless, we can remove nearly all toxins including heavy metals utilizing the UCDTM protocol.

We are not downplaying the toxicity of heavy metals as it’s been proven that they can cause a malady of health issues (5). Many are aware of their exposure to these toxins because of easily identifiable sources such as dental fillings or metal implants. If heavy metals were the true cause of your health issues, than removing these metals should restore your heath, however that’s rarely the case. This shows that not only should we focus on other, more abundant and reoccurring toxins, but we must understand that in some cases, removing toxins is not enough to regain your health; we must fix the imbalances that these toxins have caused.

Food Allergies

It is arguable which alternative conventional therapy – food allergies or HMT – is most common nowadays. If you were not diagnosed with a serious allergy as a child (such as peanuts, soy, etc.); then your food allergies were acquired at some point in your life.  In most cases these allergies can be treated through acquired abnormality therapy, and many do not require extensive gut therapy to alleviate these conditions. Allergies are merely mistakes in the immune system, and many of these mistakes can be fixed by approaching the brain and body as a holistic unit functioning together. In some cases restoring the brain’s electricity will calm down the immune system enough to allow the gut to heal on its own and help alleviate one’s food allergies.

Additionally, we focus on therapies that are out of your control. Since your diet is under your control and many of you already eat organic and non-genetically modified foods, our therapies are therefore focused on other mechanisms.  As with HMT, many physicians are failing to ask the right questions.  Why are your food allergies beginning to present themselves now? What has changed? What needs to change?

As with HMT, we are not downplaying the prevalence or damages that these abnormalities can cause to your system; we are arguing that these do not serve as true underlying causes. They are merely more sophisticated symptoms to more deep rooted casualties, but they still remainsymptoms regardless of their complexity.

Diet Focused Therapies

Again, diet should not be overlooked as its importance plays a tremendous role in one’s health; however, many of you who have exhausted traditional western treatments and conventional alternative therapies have already implemented better dieting habits.  You may have noticed a positive change from these diet choices, but not to a level to alleviate your problems affecting your everyday life.  This proves that many require other forms of treatment to restore the brain electrical current, remove toxins, replenish nutrition, and optimize the brain and body.  After this has occurred, the body can recover to its peak position utilizing your already implemented diet. Moreover, the benefits you had hoped to achieve through diet are much more likely to occur once your brain and body have healed from their true casualties; you will now be able to replenish your body effectively and absorb what you are eating!

American Wellness Protocols

Southwest Florida’s Gulf Coast

In these wellness centers, the treatment protocols are well-researched with most aspects of alternative therapies being somewhat up to date. Centers migrate from their original intended business plan, such as chiropractic, internal medicine, and detox facilities as well as successful neurologists, to jump into the “wellness” arena, claiming to treat a variety of ailments. Having success in previous careers does not necessarily mean you can transition into more complicated conditions, claiming that the underlying cause for everyone is Lyme disease and the only way to get better is to kill the Lyme.

By now one should understand that this isn’t true in the vast majority of individuals. Additionally, protocols that require lengthy stays (12-16 weeks and longer) are not only excessive but often dangerous.  In some centers, patient coordinators enforce that patients must sign up for a minimum of 12-16 weeks (as much as $3000.00 per week), with some treatments extending past 16 or even 20 weeks. These therapies usually include treatments of hydrogen peroxide in conjunction with antibiotics intravenously in the same day which will cause massive increases in excitatory neurotransmitters (norepinephrine, epinephrine, glutamate).  Most notably glutamate concentration can consistently reach 250 ng/gCr, which is extremely harmful to the brain as any levels over 40 ng/gCr has been noted to begin destroying brain cells.  These increases in electricity tend to result in the patient regaining their symptoms that they were seeking to correct!

Compensating for this extremely high glutamate level, some centers administer prescription medications (glutamate blockers) for the patient that lower glutamate with an approved ALS drug, an anti-seizure drug that lowers epinephrine, a blood pressure drug that lowers norepinephrine, and possibly an approved fibromyalgia drug which blocks the sodium channel in attempts to lower the resulting increase in electricity caused by their treatments.  It is not uncommon for patients to be prescribed any combination, if not all of the aforementioned drugs simultaneously. If you are attending a “wellness” center that requires numerous prescription medications, one must question why you are going there in the first place. It may not be uncommon for patients to spend upwards of $50,000 to $100,000 over 6-9 months in some of these centers with a possibility of needing more treatment to undo the damages to their brain and body that were not experienced prior to arrival at these centers.

It has been noted that in some cases, claims of proprietary therapies are mentioned, none of which are patented or copyrighted, or ever participating in any peer reviewed studies.  This should raise a RED flag when contemplating going to any of these Florida centers. Research is not the problem; however the interpretation of the research is critical.

Designer Medicine (DM) Protocols

Sometimes you are forced to look deeper and deeper into different types of therapies as your problems continue to persist; however, often these programs are merely someone’s idea of what may or may not be effective in healing your body.  You may start to feel better; however, you and your physicians tend not to realize the reason why you are getting relief from your symptoms. You must question how the protocol has come to fruition. Some of these egotistical physicians even name the protocol or wellness center after themselves. Protocols are often a series of steps and methods that seem to make sense on the surface; but as all of us realize, success is measured by the patients who try these “DM Protocols”.

Some doctors and wellness centers use the key ingredient phosphatidylcholine, in their treatment programs, which is often compounded in pharmacies in the US, and when used as an injection, is considered a non-approved drug.  Acetylcholine (positive effects on memory) comes from phosphatidylcholine, so because of the possibility that phosphatidylcholine may increase acetylcholine, it can become the mainstay of some of these “designer” protocols.

Moreover, phosphatidylcholine plays a tremendous role in the integrity of the cell membrane (see below).  In these DM protocols, physicians are focusing on one of the four aspects of cellular treatment outlined on this site.  Therefore, only 25% effectiveness tends to be seen; moreover, the order at which causality is addressed remains vital in treating any abnormality.  The order of administration will seemingly fail if only one aspect of cellular treatment is utilized.

If doctors can participate in a few weekend seminars to learn how to do a step by step protocol that will be incorporated into their practice as their “DM Protocol”, then you must question the doctor’s ability to heal patients. It is wonderful to see that many physicians are educating other doctors on the possibilities of these treatments; however, these educational seminars are merely pieces of the puzzle and do not represent the entire picture. We have performed much research on these protocol educators and have discovered that some are designed by PhDs whose degrees cannot be publicly confirmed.

These “DM Protocols” focus on the integrity of the cell membrane with minimal attempts to eradicate the underlying cause; nor do they correlate hormones neurotransmitters or amino acids.  There is a lack of quantifiable and correlated data involved in these therapies, thus failing to obtain a proper viewpoint of the brain and body.  In addition, only focusing on one aspect of the cell fails to view the cell as a whole unit.