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tiger woods

Tiger Woods on Lyme Medications?

scan or scamRidiculous – I know how that sounds, but everyone in the USA was recently told that Tiger’s medications included Xanax ( That’s the medication that reputable Lyme disease doctors prescribe to their patients right before their Pet scans. Why, you may ask? So, the patient’s brain shows a very, very, very, calm brain on the Pet scan. Then, a few weeks later …. the 2nd Pet scan …. BUT …. No Xanax for this scan. Why, you may ask? Because the Pet scan will naturally show increased brain activity. The doctor is a genius, or is he? But, what if you’re not on Xanax or refuse to take it before your scan? How about Seroquel instead ( Yes, I know how that sounds, but sadly, it’s true. The research and science behind this bold claim has been around for over 20 years.


Anxiety is the new depression, but this isn’t a reason for doctors to prescribe powerful benzodiazepines to Tiger Woods or Lyme patients, especially to show a false determination on a Pet scan.


That’s bad enough, but it gets worse for some innocent, non-suspecting patients who are given more powerful prescription drugs for their Lyme treatment. Why, you may ask? So, the patient’s brain can withstand the onslaught of increased Glutamate caused by the clinic’s “kill” protocol. Some patients don’t even know they’re taking an ALS drug called Rilutek as nurses often refer to it as “a glutamate blocker”. The FDA states that Rilutek has an inhibitory effect on glutamate release.,s012.pdf


Can there possibly be more? What about the pain? Tiger was reported to be taking Vicodin for his back pain. Lyrica is often prescribed to Lyme patients at some clinics as another part of the prescription drug nightmare. The FDA states it’s approved for the treatment of neuropathic pain associated with diabetic peripheral neuropathy, postherpetic neuralgia, epilepsy (adjunctive therapy for adult patients with partial onset seizures), and fibromyalgia.


So, let’s recap…..

Xanax and/or klonopin = benzodiazepines for the Pet scam…oopps I mean Pet scan

Rilutek = ALS medication to combat brain cell killing Glutamate

Lyrica = “non-addictive” type of pain medication


Lifestyle Healing Institute utilizes our 100% All Natural Therapy to treat Lyme disease and Prescription Medication Detox. Unfortunately, there are many patients that come to our facility after their unsuccessful Lyme treatments and find themselves addicted to many prescription medications. In addition to healing their Lyme symptoms, patients slowly walk off their medications. True long-term healing requires patients to rid themselves of unneeded and unwanted drugs.



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