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Lyme Disease Treatment

Chronic Lyme Disease Treatment

Healing Lyme and Chronic Lyme disease means healing multiple brain and bodily systems and after we heal the brain and body, you will feel better. All that matters is getting you better, and “our Chronic Lyme treatment method has proven it can be accomplished safely, without prescription medications and without ever killing your Lyme.”

Yes, you read correctly. You don’t have to kill your Lyme and suffer through months and years of useless antibiotic treatment. You don’t have to suffer the agonizing die-offs (Jarisch-Herxheimer Reactions). You don’t have to kill your Lyme to get better. 

Some may be annoyed, surprised, and maybe even relieved that someone, or some clinic could possibly say this, but it’s true. Many individuals have been to numerous doctors who share the same philosophy – you must kill your Lyme. If you’re reading this page, it means those doctors have failed you, and you’re still not better. It’s time for another way. A way that completely shatters your understanding of Lyme, especially Chronic Lyme. “A way that doesn’t require killing Lyme at all.” Here are some facts, science, and compelling reasons to support our method and protocol.

First Off – Individuals seek a Lyme diagnosis because they just don’t feel well. It helps provide a reason and a diagnosis, however you wouldn’t seek this diagnosis if you felt well.

  • You will Never, Ever, Ever Kill Lyme completely – no matter what type of treatment you seek or have done in the past.
  • Lyme, especially Chronic Lyme, has a bevy of mental-emotional issues that play a major role in the manifestations of symptoms, especially the “relapse” of those symptoms.
  • Antibiotics are the most common treatment available.
  • Lyme Disease and 80% of Infectious Disease build biofilms.
  • Biofilm species have been found in fossils dating back 4.25 billion years (yes billions with a “B”) – Good Luck Outsmarting Them.
  • Biofilm species have intricate and highly sophisticated communication systems.
  • Biofilm species have their own metabolic systems.
  • Antibiotics do not penetrate biofilms and thus are ineffective in Lyme and Chronic Lyme treatment protocols.
  • Antibiotics make biofilm species more resistant.
  • Antibiotics cause extensive damage to the brain, the immune system, and the GI system.
  • Killing Lyme causes Die-off which worsens symptoms and even cause new symptoms to develop.
  • A compromised immune system allows entry of Lyme Disease.
  • Lyme appears to resemble numerous other conditions.

Lyme is accompanied by:

  • Blood Flow Issues
  • Autoimmunity
  • Food Intolerance
  • Environmental Toxicity
  • Hormonal Dysregulation
  • Genetic Abnormalities
  • Malabsorption
  • Leaky Gut Syndrome
  • Electrical Disturbances in the Brain
  • Dysregulated Parietal and Frontal Lobes
  • Dysregulations in Vestibular and Cerebellar Activity
  • Numerous Mental-Emotional Issues
  • Multiple Supplements and Medications

Again, Lyme Disease treatment requires a multisystem approach in order to achieve healing. By successfully healing the above symptoms, you will heal your Lyme. Our unique treatment is effective because we treat these accompanying patient symptoms as most patients have all these entities. The reality is; treating Lyme and any other chronic disease requires expertise in all your symptoms in order to achieve long term healing. Our method takes far less time, doesn’t require any killing which causes Die-off, and addresses all health concerns in a safe way without any prescription medications.

You shouldn’t be concerned with Lyme, you should be concerned with the fact that you’re not sleeping, you can’t exercise anymore, you’re fatigued and depressed, and life is a tremendous struggle.

Healing your Chronic Lyme (and numerous other symptoms associated with it) doesn’t require killing Lyme – it requires healing the above systems and symptoms.  That’s what Chronic Lyme Treatment needs to be. Do you really think you can’t sleep because of Lyme disease? Or does it make more sense that the electrical activity in your brain is compromised? We get you better and heal your Lyme, by addressing all of symptoms and causes.

Also, please don’t think we don’t know how to kill Lyme – this couldn’t be further from the truth. We have a multifactorial plan that kills Lyme and honestly, individuals wouldn’t suffer nearly as much as experienced in prior treatments, but what’s the point? Our patients get better without killing it, in far less time and in a much safer manner. Again, our mutual goal is to get you better, and we do it without killing your Lyme. We don’t kill Lyme because we know so much about its complications, its biofilm and its existence (See Science and Lyme for more details). We have a better way, a more efficient way, a more scientific way, and most importantly a way that’s a different, holistic integrative way that gets you better.

But hey, we understand if you don’t believe us. To help you feel more comfortable, see the testimonial page to see some of our former patients. We didn’t just choose our superstar patients; we chose the most common individuals that walk through our door. If that’s not enough, keep reading below, and we’ll show more science that confirms our successful treatment results which prove; you don’t have to kill Lyme in order to get better.


In the following sections, we answer some common questions that arise as well as reveal scientific support of our views on Lyme and subsequent Chronic disease treatment.

Lifestyle Healing Institute® recognizes the vital importance the immune system plays in the brain and body’s dynamic equilibrium. We’ve researching biofilm’s direct association with the immune system and infectious disease. In many cases, the immune system is compromised or imbalanced, not from the pathogen itself, but through an external source. In other words, if you have a pathogen such as Lyme, babesia, and/or bartonella, etc, your immune system must have been compromised at some point.

What Compromised My Immune System?

The most common immune suppressant is stress, however the potency of stress is minimal in comparison to environmental toxins. As aforementioned on the Mold Toxicity page, fat-soluble toxins are usually the culprit. With positive HLA-DRB-DBQ genetics, toxins are readily stored and begin to shut down the body’s immune cells, including white blood cells, cytokines (immune signalers), and natural killer cells, almost immediately.

This subsequently shuts down your acquired immunity which allows free entry of pathogenic infections such as Lyme Disease, babesia, bartonella, and others. Again, your immune system must have been compromised to allow entry; as numerous studies show your body is fully capable of fighting an invasion from pathogens with a properly functioning immune system.

Additional potent routes for disturbing the immune system lay in the gut. For example, approximately 20% of the population has gluten sensitivity; however, many are unaware of the impact of gluten and the brain. The disturbingly similar representation to cerebellar antibodies inevitably cause destruction of one of the brain’s primary regions. Moreover, the contaminants in plastic such as BpA, BpB, etc, elicit a response in our immune systems to destroy the myelin sheath which is responsible for proper nerve conduction (speed).

Why Do I Have Symptoms When Others May Not?

This is the real question when it comes to Lyme Disease and any other type of infection whether viral, parasitic, or bacterial. For example, it’s estimated only approximately 10% of individuals with Epstein-Barr experience symptoms, but the other 90% do not.

Well, why?

Why do I have symptoms, but the majority of individuals with this virus do not? It comes down to the immune system; yours must have been compromised at some point to allow entry and symptom development. Once compromised, the immune system can’t combat pathogens causing major disruptions in brain chemistry, hormones, and gut integrity. Symptoms of anxiety, fibromyalgia, joint pain, depression, headaches, and more start to appear.

lymedisease1These disruptions are merely a symptom of an underlying cause – the immune system. The infection itself is merely a symptom. Many individuals infected with Lyme are also infected with bartonella, babesia, Epstein Barr, mycoplasma, and many other parasites and the overlapping pathogenic infection confirms all the infections are merely symptoms.

After we regulate the immune system your body fights off infections at a speed our bodies are comfortable with; thus you become that elusive majority – the majority that’s not experiencing symptoms.

The rapid pace of other programs treating Lyme and other infections is done too quickly. Mega dose vitamin C and hydrogen peroxide are commonly used because they’re able to penetrate Lyme’s biofilm; however, not without a price.

Numerous harmful entities build biofilms, including candida and other co-infections such as bartonella and babesia. Mycotoxins (mold toxins) are also found amongst biofilms. That’s why you feel so sick and outright terrible while going through Lyme “Kills”. We won’t get into the ignorant, dangerous and harmful viewpoint of antibiotic administration for Lyme as there’s no scientific evidence or effectiveness past the first two-week mark of infection.

We build, heal, and harness the immune system allowing for true effective and long term recovery. Lifestyle Healing Institute® utilizes a method to accomplish this task by focusing on brain based science and immune system regulation. We harness your body’s innate ability to regulate itself and fend off foreign invaders.

What Happens When Pathogens Enter My System?

Once allowed entry, pathogens begin to build a biofilm. For more information on biofilm, scroll down a bit, but in summary, a biofilm is a fort where bacteria and pathogens tend to congregate free from invasion from your immune system. This protective layering allows them to grow and feed off your body in a parasitic manner without much opposition. Biofilm growth occurs in the gut as well as the blood stream. As biofilm growth escalates, blood begins to clot making transport difficult; thus leading to high blood pressure, chronic migraines, and overall increases in electrical activity in the brain.

Because pathogens produce toxins which are extremely harmful to your brain and body, their effect mimics that of any toxin. Moreover, specific subsets of HLA-DRB-DBQ genetics increase susceptibility to the Lyme toxin. If you’ve browsed our site, this genetic subset may sound familiar; because fat-soluble toxin toxicity (Mold Toxicity, benzene, pesticides, toluene, etc.) share some alleles with this genetic subset. You may wonder, can I have both a susceptibility to fat-soluble toxins and Lyme toxins? The answer is yes. It comes as no surprise that many individuals with this positive subset suffer the most when it comes to their health.

After pathogens begin to build a home and invade surrounding tissues, multiple bodily systems become affected as pathogens make their way to the brain in a matter of hours. This causes the brain’s excitatory chemicals to increase in response. The neurological system is the beginning of total body imbalance, thus causing a cascade of other systems that become affected. This is the reason many individuals suffering from Chronic Lyme Disease feel as though their entire body is in a state of multi-system shutdown. Hence why Chronic Lyme treatment needs to reflect that.

The following is a list of systems affected along with some common quantitative and objective symptoms of Lyme and other pathogenic infections:

Quantitative Symptoms and Objective Symptoms of Lyme 

  • Compromised Immune System
  • Positive Immune Markers
  • Excess Excitatory Neurotransmitters
  • Suppressed Inhibitory (Calming) Neurotransmitters
  • Overactive Anterior Cingulate Gyrus (conflict, cognitive center of brain)
  • Overactive Deep Limbic System (emotional center of brain)
  • Substantial Biofilm Growth
  • Suppressed Magnesium
  • Suppressed Potassium
  • Suppressed Hormones – Brain and Sex Hormones
  • Myelin Sheath Damage – can manifest into neurodegenerative disorders
  • Perforated Gut Lining
  • Malabsorption – sometimes from excessive antibiotics

Subjective Symptoms of Lyme Disease

  • Poor Sleep – especially deep sleep (rapid eye movement (REM) sleep)
  • Widespread Pain – often comes and goes – sometimes continuous
  • Joint Pain
  • Brain and Body on Fire
  • Extremely Sensitive to Incoming Pain Signals
  • Brain/Body on Two Pages – brain is electrified, body exhausted
  • Inability to shut off the brain – mind races
  • Difficulty Exercising
  • Difficulty Getting out of Bed
  • Depression
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Urinate Frequently
  • Pale and Lack of Color Especially in Face
  •    Burn Easily in the Sun
  • Easily Frustrated
  • Difficulty Performing Daily Tasks
  • Tend to Predict the Negative – Issues in the future
  • Overreact at times

How Do We Know This?

We test over 100 biomarkers revealing a true holistic picture of the brain and body on an individual system basis. These aren’t blind conclusions; they’re based on sound scientific research as well as true patient data and healing programs. We correlate test results and treat multiple bodily systems affected by Lyme and other pathogens.

A strong immune system is crucial in healing infections and getting through Lyme Disease treatment, as well as preventing infections from occurring. A strong immune system doesn’t allow entry of bugs and pathogens. Let us repeat that statement, “a strong immune system will NOT allow entry of pathogens – and that includes Lyme disease”

lymedisease2Again, our conclusions are based on extensive research and testing results from our patients. Lyme and it’s co-infections are carried by mosquitoes, horses, dogs, cats, horse flies, deer flies, and many more, so it’s not surprising that many people are infected with this bug. But who suffers from Lyme disease? People who have compromised immune systems, imbalanced Brain Chemistry, imbalanced hormonal systems, and compromised gut integrity.

A good analogy is mononucleosis, or mono for short. Many have heard of mono, but did you know mono can be contracted from almost every door handle? So…., why doesn’t everyone get sick from mono? Those who suffer for a month or more from this disease are individuals with seriously compromised immune systems. If you fall into this category, it’s probably the least of your worries, as the underlying cause of the infection is your compromised immune system. What caused this? Fatty toxin accumulation causes this along with multifactorial effects from Brain Chemistry imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, and poor gut integrity.

Well, What Should I Do?

We’re puzzled by other physician’s attempts at treating Chronic Lyme Disease and other biofilm building diseases. They need to test the vast amounts of data the brain and body inherently possess, so they can arrive at similar conclusions. Numerous systems are affected by Lyme and other pathogens; therefore, we must not limit our healing options by only focusing on one bodily system.

Our method and protocol tests over 100 biomarkers to ascertain the system(s) that are most affected, in order to design a unique treatment plan tailored to your specific biochemical data. This same method outlines a specific order at which each system should be addressed, to facilitate the safest, most efficient, and most effective healing program possible for all disorders, including Chronic Lyme disease and other pathogenic infections.

After Brain Chemistry and nutritional deficiencies are optimized through our all natural intravenous therapy (amino acids, vitamins and minerals), we harness the true power of your immune system. If your brain experiences the continuous onslaught of toxins, symptoms manifest into neurodegenerative diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis. Please understand – with Lyme – much of the healing occurs through your body’s innate ability to rebalance itself; we merely provide a scientific jump-start to help facilitate the process in a safe and effective manner without the use of any prescription medications.

When the majority of your bodily systems, including the immune system, are functionally properly; it’s sufficient enough for your body to heal itself. However, in some cases, the pesky biofilm must be addressed in order to expose the bugs in order to facilitate eradication.

What is a Biofilm Anyway?

A biofilm is a polysaccharide extracellular matrix (ECM) that 80% of infectious disease builds in order to increase their chance of survival once in your body. There’s a common theme with all life on this planet, which is the pursuit of survival. Additionally, the majority of life wants to achieve their survival with the path of least resistance. Bacteria and infectious pathogens are no exception. 99% of all bacteria don’t want to be free floating; it’s just too much effort. They want to congregate with their friends and feed off you!

The below picture illustrates how biofilms attach, grow, and eventually detach as part of their typical lifestyle. However, if addressed improperly, you induce detachment prematurely, which leads to further damage. An example of induced detachment is nutrient depravation.


A biofilm provides the platform that allows this to happen. It provides Lyme and other infectious diseases a place to hang out, gather nutrients, and communicate. Biofilms form where there’s a flowing liquid surface next to a solid surface, such as the blood and GI system.

Furthermore, a biofilm is a place for them to live freely from attack of your own immunity. This means you can’t dissolve and attack infections with your own immune system if they’re hiding within a biofilm; therefore, we must expose the bugs within the body in order to truly eradicate them.

What is a Herxheimer (HX) Reaction, or “Die-off”?

The problem with an attack of biofilm is the bugs don’t want to die; thus, they release one last burst of toxins before they die which is known as a Herxheimer (HX) reaction. HX reactions are extremely dangerous as they elicit the same response as any toxin; thus increasing electrical activity in the brain and show the potential to disrupt the hormonal and GI systems. This is the reason why we facilitate healing the systems prior to any type of pathogenic eradication, as this HX reaction can mimic the same symptoms as Lyme itself.

By healing brain and bodily systems prior to attacking biofilm organisms (Lyme, babesia, bartonella, etc.), “we can truly minimize the effects of HX reactions.” This is the reason why the order in which casualties are addressed is crucial in the success of our All-inclusive 4-week  method and protocol.

lymedisease4How Smart are Organisms Within Biofilms?

Much smarter than you may think. Many species of bacteria and pathogenic infectious bugs have shown to communicate with each other within your body – yes – that’s right; they talk to each other. Additionally, they exist in various forms and are a product of their environment. Our extensive biofilm research shows Lyme can exist in multiple forms.

Most are familiar with the Lyme spirochete, but did you know it exists in a cystic form? It even exists in a form without a cell membrane. This shows the vast amounts of inherent adaptation that a single bug possesses.

“Speaking of adaptations, did you know these organisms can mutate to prolong survival?” E. Coli, one of the most studied bacterium of all time, can mutate two separate ways in response to the same stimuli – antibiotics. Antibiotic resistance is becoming more and more prevalent nowadays, because organisms are getting smarter, and as aforementioned, they’re merely trying to survive like everything else.

Studies show the same strand of E. Coli was separated and treated with the same antibiotics; the results were, one survived and became much more resistant to any additional antibiotic therapy. The other actually mutated by stealing a piece of a leftover virus from the host, downloading it to its genetics, and was then able to mutate so it no longer needed a biofilm to survive. These are not your everyday bugs; the sad part is this is largely a product of our own doing.

Biofilm are not a new concept, (dental plaque is a biofilm) however their association with infectious disease is largely unknown and misunderstood. Other common places that biofilms are discussed are water treatment facilities (water – flowing liquid, pipes – solid surface), and in the implantation of medical devices. You may not have heard of the latter two examples for biofilm; however, everyone is aware of dental plaque.

We could go on forever about biofilm, but you may wonder if we test for it. Of course, as with almost everything, you can test for biofilm as well. Lifestyle Healing Institute® would rather over-test than under-test, then risk guessing at the “underlying cause”. Besides the obvious detriments to medical guessing, it leads to ignorance and complacency. This causes treatment centers to jump to heavy regimens of antibiotics attempting to eradicate the “infection”.

What about Antibiotics for the Treatment of Lyme Disease and other Pathogens?

If you have an infection, many physicians are taught to immediately prescribe antibiotics and Lyme is no exception. Patients are treated with extensive and prolonged oral and intravenous antibiotic therapy in an “attempt” to eradicate infections. This (in our opinion) is the most illogical and harmful thing an individual can do when treating Lyme and other biofilm building pathogenic infections, as it directly contributes to increased resistance, increased susceptibility to infection, and Leaky Gut Syndrome.

lymedisease5Let’s be fair, antibiotics can successfully eradicate Lyme within the first two weeks of infection; however, only 10% of individuals receive the infamous “bulls eye” making them aware of the infection. For the other 90% of individuals, the awareness of infection occurs far beyond the two- week mark, making antibiotics not only ineffective, but dangerous.

Antibiotics need to bind directly to the subunits of these organisms, and if they can’t do so, they’re ineffective. With a biofilm producing organism like Lyme, this makes direct binding impossible – not nearly impossible – impossible! Not only that, but they can’t penetrate the layers of the biofilm, thus causing further mutations.

Therefore, you’re left with a more resistant infection, as well as all the negative side effects of antibiotics.

Antibiotics only further destroy your gut integrity, leading to malabsorption and a perforated gut lining. This exasperates your immune system, leading to autoimmunity as well as more neurotoxicity.