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How To Get Better

A Common Sense Approach to Complex Problems


Underlying Causality DiagnosticsTM Method & Protocols

Lifestyle Healing Institute® provides the most scientific, efficient, and safest protocol available for individuals suffering from debilitating diseases and ailments. Medicine is failing many people, so we developed our All-Natural method and protocol, which heals neurological symptoms quickly, safely and without prescription medications.

Patients usually feel better after our 4-week treatment program, however some individuals stay longer if there are prescription medications involved. Our protocol is a 100% All Natural (amino acids, vitamins and minerals) IV therapy that enables the brain and body to complete the majority of healing on its own by relying on the concepts of cellular medicine.

What Sets Us Apart From Others?

We utilize our All-inclusive 4 week method and protocol. All programs include all of the following as well as sending a mold specialist to test your home for airborne mold spores
  • Nutritional and Malabsortion Issues

  • Environmental Toxicity

  • Pathogenic Exposure

  • Brain Chemistry

  • Immune System

  • Blood Flow

  • Hormones

  • Genetic Profile Testing

100% All Natural Method and IV Therapy
Blood Flow Therapy – which helps with chronic pain, inflammation and autoimmune conditions
Unique Functional Neurology Program (Brain Activation Exercises)
Four visits with an integrative mind-body therapist specializing in emotional and behavioral changes
All Blood work, Neurotransmitter, Amino Acids and Identification of Blood-Borne Pathogens testing and analysis
Specifically designed workout regimen 
All initial supplements (first bottle) and Daily consultations with Dr. Dean and Wyatt
Three months of extended care after the 4 week program (phone consults weekly or bi-weekly)

Why Do People Get Better and Stay Better?

Daily input to the medical staff from our patients accelerates the healing process because by talking to patients on a DAILY basis, adjustments to their unique intravenous treatment and supplement protocol can be made immediately rather than waiting until the next scheduled appointment. Patients meet with the medical staff EVERY DAY providing us with updates on their health and well-being. This has proven to be a major factor in the successful neurological healing of our patients.

The brain and body do the majority of the work as we are here merely as facilitators. Activation of the brain is the key to restoring the dynamic balance within the body; however, without the necessary tools, activational healing becomes quite difficult and even slow at times. Every bodily system plays a major role in our method and protocol, however the brain remains the focus of our therapy.

By viewing the brain as a computer, it sometimes needs a reset or refresh to restore it back to functioning order. Nearly all neuroscientists agree that the brain is a computer with a computational tool or algorithm used to relay information. We are able to restore the brain’s electrical activity, thus restarting the computer.

Our method and program is like a jump-start for a car, or the reset button on your computer and once that button is pressed, your brain corrects itself on its own with no apparent intervention, except the restart. The brain and body must function in the same manner, so once this reset occurs, the body starts to heal itself. Depending on the severity, most ailments require a simple restart. However, in some cases, your computer can continue to freeze or cause problems even after the initial reset button has been enacted. In these cases, additional tweaking and therapy is usually required and provided.

Are you Saying I will be Seen Every Day
of my Treatment Program?


Not only that, but patients see a member of our Medical Staff who’s responsible for your personal care, thus insuring your unique protocol is specifically tailored to your needs. We pride ourselves on never providing a “factory” type care where you’re required to stay for 6 months or more instead of a few weeks. After a few weeks, patients see positive results thus proving that there’s no need to “kill” anything.

Is my Protocol Unique to Me?


We specifically formulate every intravenous drip and supplement regimen to your specific biomarkers. A unique 100% all natural treatment plan (amino acids, vitamins & minerals) is developed for each patient by utilizing our safe, scientific, and medication free programs that heal neurological symptoms, increase blood flow and restore your immune system back to optimal levels. We value your input as we get you better – together – as a team.

In Addition to IV Therapy,
Is There More to your Program?


Not only is your unique protocol monitored every day, we tailor a supplement regimen specific to your needs. Additionally, you receive a workout plan which is designed to retrain your brain and body to focus on relieving stress in your joints, while strengthening structural integrity. You also receive precise functional neurological brain exercises which activates your deficient brain regions. These additions to our method for IV therapy helps facilitate brain training, blood flow, neurotransmitter balancing, and much more. Long term neurological health occurs by focusing on multiple aspects of the healing process.

How is this Accomplished?

The cellular mechanisms are accomplished with our method and protocol using 100% All Natural IV Therapy (consists of amino acids, vitamins & minerals). Our IV therapy restores the brain’s electrical activity, removes nearly all fat-soluble toxins, and replenishes nutritional deficiencies. Each handpicked ingredient contributes to a specific biochemical mechanism to facilitate the body’s ability to restore its dynamic equilibrium. 

Our method consists of scientific testing, cellular mechanisms focusing on action potential electricity, cell membrane integrity, and bonds between the cell and its matrix. We also address the crucial relationship between each bodily system including restoration of neurotransmitters, gut integrity, hormonal systems, and immune function (pathogenic infection potential), which is a truly scientific holistic approach to medicine. The primary mechanism is the reduction of the rate of calcium influx into the cell, which reduces the overall electricity of the cell and thus the brain and body. Since the mechanism at which fat-soluble toxins is removed is mainly the same, we accomplish this eradication with our All-Natural IV therapy. 

In order to restore the brain’s electrical activity, calming neurotransmitters must be raised and excitatory neurotransmitters must be lowered. We accomplish this by removing toxins as we replenish vital nutritional deficiencies in the brain and body.

  • Brain Chemistry

  • Hormonal Imbalance

  • Gut Imbalance

  • Pathogenic Infection

An individual can either inherit or acquire an abnormality. Inherited conditions are ones that involve genetics, which can’t be manipulated in order to prevent their expression. We can however, change the expression of a gene by treating acquired disorders which stem from primarily one source – toxins. Fat-soluble, or “fatty” toxins, are so small, they’re difficult to recognize as abnormal and begin to be stored in the brain and body. The primary storage of fatty toxin occurs in the brain (60% fat). They destroy the blood brain barrier (BBB) and attack the sensitive neurons; they also attack the myelin sheath (80% fat) responsible for relaying information in the brain. This toxicity disturbance leads to the four Fundamental Categories of Medicine. Every acquired abnormality can be traced back to these four categories; therefore, any abnormality is truly a disruption of one or more of these categories.

  1. Brain Chemistry
  2. Hormonal Imbalance
  3. Gut Imbalance – Intestinal, Nutritional, etc.
  4. Pathogenic Infection – Viral, Bacterial, Protozoa, etc.

Our Underlying Causality DiagnosticsTM method traces any disease and true symptoms back to these categories, and our cellular mechanisms treat the disruptions using our all natural (amino acids, vitamins and minerals) intravenous therapy. We heal neurological symptoms efficiently, in a safe manner and most importantly, without medications. Patients feel better after the initial 4-week treatment program, however some may stay longer to “walk off” their prescription medications.