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How To Get Better

A Common Sense Approach to Complex Problems


Baseline Therapy

Lifestyle Healing Institute® has developed LHI’s Baseline Therapy (BT) which Resets, Replenishes, and Reconditions the brain and body. Baseline Therapy utilizes a safe, scientifically Patented method to accomplish a full Medical Restoration of the brain and body. You will get better with this unique approach and protocol.

What Sets Us Apart From Others?

We utilize our All-Inclusive Four week method and protocol. All programs include all of the following
  • Nutritional and Malabsortion Issues

  • Environmental Toxicity

  • Pathogenic Exposure

  • Brain Chemistry

  • Immune System

  • Blood Flow

  • Hormones

  • Genetic Profile Testing

100% All Natural Patented IV Therapy
Blood Flow Therapy – Contrast Therapy (CT) Sauna & Cold Tank Plunge
Unique Functional Neurology Program (Brain Activation Exercises)
Visits with an Accupunturist, a mind-body therapist and Chiropractor if needed
All Blood work, and Identification of Blood-Borne Pathogens testing and analysis
Specifically designed workout regimen 
All initial supplements (first bottle) and Daily consultations with Medical Staff
One month of extended care after the treatment program (phone consults weekly)

Why Do People Get Better and Stay Better? Because of LHI’s Baseline Therapy.

Baseline Therapy is our safe, all-natural Patented IV protocol that starts with getting the Brain-Body to a Baseline First and foremost. After a few weeks, symptoms dissipate, therefore allowing your brain and body to establish a baseline. This baseline must be established in order to figure out what’s actually wrong. Then the treatment protocol addresses the symptoms that are still inherent within you.

This protocol is Patented (US 9,827,264) which is a Method and System for the Treatment of Medical Conditions by Intravenous Therapy. This Patent is LHI’s Baseline Therapy.

Lifestyle Healing Institute focuses on your symptoms as well as the emotional skillset and mental well-being. We find that prescription medications, can be unnecessary and harmful in most cases. We back down any prescription medications before our patient’s treatment ends because true long-term sustainability can’t occur if you are taking prescription medications.

Patients meet with the medical staff EVERY DAY providing updates on their health and well-being. This has proven to be a major factor in the successful healing of our patients. You ask questions, gain education and just talk about how you are doing.

The brain is a large focus of our therapy. Cellular Activation and Restoration of the brain is the major key to restoring the dynamic balance within the body. By viewing the brain as a computer, it sometimes needs a reset or refresh to restore it back to functioning order. We calm and restore the brain’s electrical activity, thus restarting the computer by providing the body the tools necessary to heal; and as your symptoms improve, you feel better.

Will I See the Medical Staff Every Day?



Patients see a member of our Medical Staff who’s responsible for your personal care, thus insuring your unique protocol is specifically tailored to your needs. We pride ourselves on never providing a “factory” type care where you’re required to stay for an extended time period. After a few weeks, patients see positive results thus proving that there’s no need to “kill” anything.

Is my Protocol Unique to Me?


We specifically formulate every intravenous drip and supplement regimen to your specific biomarkers. A unique 100% all natural treatment plan (amino acids, vitamins & minerals) is developed for each patient by utilizing our safe, scientific, and medication free programs that heal neurological symptoms, increase blood flow and restore your immune system back to optimal levels. 

In Addition to IV Therapy,
Is There More to your Program?


LHI monitores your unique protocol every day. We tailor a supplement regimen specific to your needs as well as a workout plan designed to retrain your brain and body to focus on relieving stress in your joints, while strengthening structural integrity. You also receive precise functional neurological brain exercises which activates your deficient brain regions. Contrast Therapy (CT) is an infrared sauna treatment, followed by a cold tank plunge, which helps facilitate brain training, blood flow, neurotransmitter balancing, and much more. Long term neurological health occurs by focusing on multiple aspects of the healing process.

How is this Accomplished?

Our Baseline Therapy utilizes our Patented 100% All-Natural IV Therapy (amino acids, vitamins & minerals). Our IV therapy restores the brain’s electrical activity, removes nearly all fat-soluble toxins and replenishes nutritional deficiencies.This therapy contributes to a specific biochemical mechanism that facilitates the body’s ability to restore its dynamic equilibrium. Intravenous therapy bypasses the gut and GI system, thus allowing for more efficient, safe and dose controlled healing. 

We address the crucial relationship between each bodily system including the restoration of neurotransmitters, gut integrity, hormonal systems and immune function (pathogenic infection potential), which is a scientific holistic approach to medicine. We utilize supplements, brain programs, exercise regimens, diet counseling, hydrotherapy, blood flow therapies, acupuncture and mental-emotional counseling. Although our biochemical understanding and physical treatment are extensive, your symptoms are never from just one thing, and treatment must reflect that. You can’t keep doing things the same way and expecting a different result.