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Western Diagnostics and Treatment

Western Diagnostics and Treatment

Many are aware of traditional western therapies and various fields of medicine, such as family doctors, psychiatry, and neurology; however, to better understand why the philosophies outlined on this site are so effective, the inadequacies of these traditional fields of medicine must be illuminated.

It is important to show that the views culminated on this site did not solely appear from or through subjective opinions; they were formed from the results of years of research, of not only alternative viewpoints and therapies, but traditional ones as well.  One cannot fully understand and develop effective protocols without first analyzing previous treatment methodology and subsequently comparing them with today’s research technology.

Inadequacies in traditional medicine are driven by a lack of education and understanding of health issues as well as complacency motivated by the American way of thinking, when it comes to medical care. Most of us enter a physician’s office wanting one entity, one medication and one diagnosis to fix a variety of ailments and we want the results to be instantaneous. Pharmaceutical companies and physicians have tailored their treatments and medications on this very premise; however, this is not a realistic expectation, especially for long term Underlying Causality DiagnosticsTM (UCDTM) protocols.

Many ailments have multiple causes with a multitude of symptoms. Additionally, it has taken years of deterioration, for many individuals to ultimately arrive in their current health condition. To expect that one thing could fix what took years to create, and to do it quickly is not practical. Moreover, one should be skeptical of anyone who claims to accomplish this task.

Conversely, any treatment that requires continual therapies or requires one to come back and repeat treatment in consistent time intervals, also does not fully understand UCDTM concepts. An effective treatment is like a bowl of porage, not too long, not too short, but just right – one should not have to come back for more when executed effectively and properly.

Many alternative therapies, as well as various physicians, are outlined on the Traditional Alternative Therapies page which portrays both the strengths and weaknesses of various therapies throughout the nation.  Both pros and cons will be discussed to help educate and allow one to evaluate the established protocols of different doctors and “wellness” centers.  The proper and preferred treatment will remain the UCDTM cellular based therapy for the reasons and research discussed throughout this site; however, the site is ever-evolving and will continue to be updated as more information becomes available.

When an abnormality presents itself, many go to their family doctor and other practitioners to diagnose and help alleviate their condition.  Typical visits and information regarding these doctors and their therapies will be outlined below.  After these options are exhausted (as they tend to fail quite miserably), many turn to alternative therapies (see alternative therapies for more details on these treatments as this page is dedicated to the inadequacies of traditional western treatments).

Instead of discussing every abnormality or each profession in detail, we will discuss the lack of questioning and overuse of medications by outlining traditional Lyme Treatment and overuse of antibiotics.  Moreover, we will illuminate additional fields of medicine with the two real case studies to portray our viewpoints.  Again these are real individuals, and you will see that most of you can relate and understand the truth displayed in these two case studies.

The first involves stress and depression which will illuminate the inadequacies in the field of Psychiatry, and the second involved high blood pressure, brain fog, and a short temper which will shed light on the inadequacies of family doctors and cardiology. Please see our Blog for an article discussing something that caught our attention from a clinical trial involving autoimmune disorders to outline more deficiencies in common fields of medicine. Along with details on traditional Lyme therapy, the article on autoimmune disorder does not involve a specific case study, just an overview of pertinent concepts.

Lyme and Antibiotics

Nowadays, many seem to be aware of Lyme and its possible detriment to the body; however, the science of this parasite is widely misunderstood.  As with 80% of infectious disease, Lyme disease builds a biofilm.  This biofilm acts as a shield to prevent your immune system from attacking and destroying these invaders.

The go-to medication for Lyme is antibiotics as it’s treated as an everyday infection.  The problem with this treatment is that it fails to understand the science behind this disease.  It is discussed in more detail on the Lyme Treatment and Lyme and Pathogens pages that bugs such as Lyme will not invade your brain and body if your immune system is not compromised.  That is, if your immune system is functioning at a proper level, these bugs will not be able to gain entry to your body.

This means that some sort of toxin has caused your body to become compromised allowing this invader entry to the body.  By now you should understand these and other concepts that relate to how you contracted Lyme and how to treat (or not treat) your Lyme disease.  We want to go into more detail on how treating Lyme as an everyday infection is not only ineffective but also dangerous.

As many are unaware that they have contracted the disease, they are unable to determine the exact date of infection.  If you ­are able to pinpoint the date of infection, and are smart enough to seek medical assistance, Lyme can be treated effectively with doxycycline (antibiotic) within thefirst two weeks.  We repeat, doxycycline can only eradicate Lyme within two weeks of contraction.

Otherwise, as with 90% of infected Lyme patients, this is not the case. Yet, physicians still feel the need to prescribe antibiotics; moreover, they tend to prescribe multiple antibiotic regimens both intravenous and oral. The effectiveness of antibiotics lies in their ability to stop DNA replication, thus preventing the replication of the Lyme infection in attempts to eradicate the disease.  The problem is that its effectiveness is also its primary detriment in that the ceasing in DNA replication is not spot-focused in that all DNA is forced to stop replicating, including all good bacteria and cells.

This causes the good bacteria in your gut to become severely compromised.  This is also a reason why many heavy antibiotic regimens have diarrhea and upset stomachs as their side effects. The problem is these side effects become long-term detriments as your gut has extreme difficulty in repairing damages from any source especially antibiotics.

Moreover, these antibiotic regimens do not usually occur in two week spans nor as singular treatments; they are usually longer term and comprise of a combination of antibiotics. As the good bacterium gets destroyed, the second detriment becomes a perforated gut lining.  This detriment causes a cascade of events in the gut that begins to compound quickly.

A Perforated (Leaky) Gut Lining Will:

-Cause Malabsorption (compromised absorption)

-Trigger Immune Responses

-Increase the Gut’s pH



As holes become prevalent in the gut lining, nutritional absorption becomes compromised.  You have cells in your gut (and intestines) that specialize in increasing the surface area to intake nutrients and convert proteins from the food you intake.  You can eat the same amount of food, but if you are not absorbing as much due to a compromised gut lining, these absorptive cells do not have as much to work with.  Thus the overall efficiency of nutrient uptake and protein conversion is vastly compromised.

Proteins contain amino acids which serve as precursors to many biochemical reactions in the brain and body.  As absorption is depleted, it will lead to a decrease in conversion to important biochemicals such as neurotransmitters.  Additionally, many nutrients serve as co-factors for these reactions causing even more of a depletion of neurotransmitters.  See Brain Chemistry and Brain Chemistery Treatment for more details.

Immune Responses

The immune responses are usually not within the gut, but come directly from the perforations in the gut lining. When you intake and ingest food it is meant to stay within the gut and its components.  When you have holes in the gut lining, these food particles begin to make their way to the bloodstream.  The immune markers in the bloodstream see these food particles as foreign as they are not supposed to be there.

This triggers unwanted immune markers to signal and attack these particles.  This could be the true underlying cause of many autoimmune disorders such as Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis (UC), and Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) as this unwanted attack causes massive detriments to the body.  The difference between conditions such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Crohn’s or UC is just time.  If left unchecked, IBS will worsen into what are classified as autoimmune disorders – disorders in which the immune system is attacking itself.

See Lyme and Pathogens and Lyme Disease Treatment for more discussions on the immune system as well as our Blog article on traditional immune suppression drugs and therapies.

Rise in pH

pH is a measure of acidity and is on a scale of 0 to 14 with 0 being purely acidic and 14 being purely basic. Water is a pH of 7 (neutral). Your gut has an extremely acidic environment to facilitate the breakdown of foods, and equally importantly, incoming toxins and parasites.  Extremely acidic conditions are able to destroy these parasites and convert the ingested food into energy.

When this pH begins to rise due to a perforated gut lining, not only is food digestion compromised, but unwanted parasites can begin to form in the gut and bloodstream.  See Gut Imbalance and Gut Imbalance Treatment for more details.

Lyme Cascade

Now your singular Lyme infection has cascaded into a complete downfall of your health. The therefore many attribute their increasingly failing health to Lyme and its difficult eradication. This could not be more further from the truth.  If you had left your Lyme go untreated completely, the majority of these gut issues would never arise.

Additionally, a Lyme infection signals a different underlying cause; causes that can be fixed efficiently and effectively without attempting a Lyme eradication therapy.  Please understand that we are not downplaying the severity of Lyme; we just argue that this severity is deeply rooted in different problems.

A similar analogy would be mononucleosis (mono).  Mono is on nearly all door handles and surfaces, but those who contract mono and get sick for weeks to months are those that have a severely compromised immune system. Mono is a serious condition in itself, but the reason you contracted mono is much more serious than the actual infection.