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Individual results may vary 

The opinions expressed in patient testimonials are by patients only and their testimonials should not take the place of medical advice of a licensed doctor or other healthcare provider. Results may vary for each patient.

Our 1st Patient From Over 4 Years Ago Is Still 100% - Listen to His Story.


Our first patient came in years ago when he struggled with insomnia because he was diagnosed with prostate cancer.  His medication and the drugs he was on was killing him from the inside. The medication he was prescribed helped him sleep, but the medication made him sleep 14 hours a day and when he was awake it made him feel like a zombie which gave him severe anxiety. He made a decision to stop ALL the drugs he was on and he called us as a last hope because of the suffering he was in.

When he stopped the drugs, that’s when his amazing journey with us began.

Individual results may vary.

These testimonials are several true stories of real individuals who were treated at our center.

They are realistic in depth cases of people who expressed what their symptoms were upon arrival. We further show the improvement of each individual using their own assessments and our concrete objective entities including test values, medication eliminations and supplement reductions. We could just show our most successful people, however these are realistic cases of real people from various states, various backgrounds, different ages/gender, with a multitude of unique and general symptoms.

Some improved to 80-90% and some improved to 50-60%, but most feel they improved to 60-80% after completing just 4 weeks of our Patented treatment protocol (our initial program length). Individuals that extended past 4 weeks was usually the result of detoxing from pharmaceutical medications. This can take a few extra weeks depending on the type of drug, the length of time on the drug and the dosage of the drugs involved.



Insomnia, Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Chronic Fatigue

” Daily consultations with the medical staff were beyond informative. This was so refreshing after having so many Dr.’s that were inaccessible and unresponsive.” “I believe Debbie is astoundingly better since coming to LHI for treatments.”

Dear Jack,

I want you and all the staff at LHI to know how great our experience has been. We have really been made to feel like family. It has been some of the best days we’ve had in years. Please let everyone know for Debbie and me that we really appreciate how good everyone has been to us. Let me share with you some more of our feelings in a few statements.

I believe Debbie is astoundingly better since coming to LHI for treatments.

She came here pain ridden and dependent upon many drugs to help her just exist. She couldn’t sleep, even with prescription medication, she had absolutely no energy and her ability to think was just about non existent. She hadn’t been to a grocery store or done any shopping for six months. It was all she could do to attend church occasionally and make it to a doctor appointment when necessary. She stayed in extreme pain and would go days without sleeping. For her, life had come to a complete halt.

In seven weeks she has seen dramatic changes. She is virtually pain free, she sleeps all night and she has renewed energy; all without drugs. She has returned to her love for reading because her mind is working again. We can take walks of 1-2 miles and enjoy life again. It is obvious, just by looking at her, that something radical has changed her health. If I had to make an assessment, I’d say she is within 70% of full recovery. The LHI clinic is unlike anything we’ve ever experienced. Here is what I mean. The personal care is unparalleled. On the first day, my Debbie was warmly welcomed by your Debbie in the office. We have been blown away by the daily attention by Dr. Dean and by Wyatt Palumbo. The IV Technition’s really exhibited a care for her, too. They were professional, yet they made her experience very personal and empathetic.

There has never been a minute since my first call to the clinic that we ever went without an immediate response by Jack. Days, evenings, and weekends, he responded to our calls and got us the answers we needed. Daily consultations with Wyatt and Dr. Dean were beyond informative. This was so refreshing after having so many Dr.’s that were inaccessible and unresponsive. Furthermore, it was evident that they had spent time reviewing Debbie’s health and remembered every little detail of her condition and needs. They never had to be brought up to date because they were already there with plans for the next phase. Debbie also felt that the referrals she got for Grace Barr and Dr. Nikki Bechtol were both very good. She benefited greatly from both of them. It was also encouraging that they both exhibited the same philosophy and spirit of LHI. We feel that LHI truly addresses all aspects of healing. LHI Is so unique in its approach to health and wellbeing.

We have been to many clinics and seen numerous doctors. Some weren’t very helpful. Others were able to help in limited ways. LHI has taken the time and care to address Debbie’s health in a truly holistic way. They left no stone unturned as they assessed her needs. The diagnostic testing was more thorough and revealing than anything that had been done before.

We are so thankful that LHI was able to diagnose and address the chemical and hormonal deficiencies previously overlooked by others. We both feel that Dr. Dean, Wyatt and Jack Palumbo all played vital roles in the care Debbie received. We always felt that her medical concerns were well attended to and cared for by Dr. Dean. His experience and knowledge of medicine allowed us to fully trust the process without fear. Wyatt’s background in biochemistry provided Debbie with an original process to recovery through restarting the brain and bringing chemicals into proper range and function. We felt very secure in Wyatt’s confidence that the process would work.

We were also very impressed with his understanding of what it takes to restore health. Jack was a constant liaison and we always felt connected to the team through him. Medically and chemically, LHI is far more advanced than anything we have ever experienced. Furthermore, we felt that the connection we benefited from Jack’s care was equally important. All said, you guys make a great team and we will certainly refer many people to you.

Thank you again for all you have done to give my wife back to She is going home a new person. I always believed God was going to restore her. I just didn’t know until now that He was going to use the LHI team to do it.

God Bless You,

Dr. Charles Blackstock

Dear Jack, Dr Dean, Wyatt, Grace, Dr Bechtol, Debbie, & LHI Team
I just want to say again how much I appreciate every single one of you
and your investment in my healing process over the seven weeks I spent
there.  All of you were personable, thoughtful and professional in
your dealings with me and made both me and Charles feel right at
home!! I cannot say enough good about you all to the many, many people
who approach me or contact me as they all see such a tremendous
difference in how I felt when I left home and how I returned. I’ve
lost count of the people who have taken down your name so they can
pass it on to a loved one or contact you with health needs of their
own. My chiropractor, Dr Timothy Annis, (who did go to college at LIFE
in Marietta, Ga, Dr Bechtol) took down LHI’s name to give out to
others because he is so impressed with the changes he sees in me, not
only in his office but as he sees me walking daily in our
neighborhood, as he is my neighbor.

First, Jack, I thank you for your kindness and helpfulness to us, as
the face of LHI.  You took the time to answer all of our questions and
still do anytime we have them. You have an awesome spirit and you were
such a blessing to both me & Charles while we were there. Wow, you
even took the time to proofread the booklet Charles was writing on
your own time. And you also took the time to deliver the hug that
someone sent to me!!!! LL. You’re truly amazing!!!

And Dr Dean, I can’t thank you enough for setting us at ease from the
very first time we spoke with you.  You could fully understand our
thought processes and questions and even our skepticism and you took
the time to answer each and every one with great insight. Your years
of wisdom and knowledge as a physician shows and truly helped us feel
confident that we were in the right place!!

And Wyatt, your brilliant mind gave us such confidence that you knew
what you were talking about. God has no doubt blessed you with an
amazing  mind and memory and I’m sooooo thankful that you’re using it
to help people like me to get a second chance at life!!  Your book,
“Don’t Kill My Lyme, Just Get Me Better” was helpful in directing us
to come there!!

And Grace, I have to say that your part plays a very important role in
the entire LHI program!!! You’re actually the one part of the program
I originally wasn’t sure I needed.  However, now I can clearly see
that you are an INTEGRAL & FUNDAMENTAL part of this program and one
that truly helps to COMPLETE the healing process!!!  I came thinking I
didn’t need you, but left thinking everyone needs a Grace in their
life!! You’re such a graceful, energetic, and delightful person and I
can only say thanks for sharing your enthusiasm for life with me!!!

And to Dr Nikki Bechtol, I thank you for taking the time to help me in
an area that I was having great issues.    The tips and exercises you
taught me have given me great relief!!  Thanks for taking the extra
time you took with me. You’re a lovely lady and I thoroughly enjoyed
your refreshing and joyful spirit!! (And know that I’m still praying
for you!!)

And Debbie, thanks for your kindness each and every time I saw you
there. You are truly a kindhearted and helpful person!!

And to the LHI team of men and women who gave me the IV’s and kept a
check on us, a big thank you to each one of you for your
thoughtfulness and encouragement every day. You were both personable
and professional with just the perfect blend!! And you all always made
me smile.

Again, I’m SOOOOOOO GRATEFUL that GOD led us to Lifestyle Healing
Institute!!! I’m thankful that you use a whole body approach to your
care because each aspect has played a big part in my healing. I can
honestly say that physically, emotionally, and spiritually I’m much
healthier than when I came to you all. All of you have helped to
restore ABUNDANT LIFE to me, and for this I am truly & eternally

Debbie Blackstock

Female • Mid 30s • Maryland

Chronic Pain, Chronic Fatigue, Insomnia, GI Issues – Lyme Diagnosis

“Wyatt and the medical staff completely transformed my life. I’ve come a long way. From how I was when I got here to where I am now is no short of a miracle.”

Male • Mid-Fifties • Florida

Severe Anxiety and Insomnia, Compromised Gut Integrity

“I am now sleeping normally and taking no prescription medications to do so.
I have no anxiety. I know this may sound hokey, but the team at LHI saved my life. I can never really repay them. Anyone that wants to talk to me personally about this, I will be happy to do so. Anyone that has to go through anything like this is in my prayers.”

I came to see Dr. Dean after suffering from intractable insomnia for almost 2 years. The insomnia was so bad that I once could not sleep for 5 days or at least was not able get any noticeable sleep. I tried everything and saw many doctors who tried to help me but nothing worked. I was desperate and losing all hope when I found Dr. Dean. The first doctor who saw me prescribed me Zyprexa, a drug given to schizophrenics, to get me to sleep. The prescription was “off label” and although it did make me sleep the side effects were unbearable.
The drug made me sleep 12-14 hours a day and I could barely function. The drug also made me feel suicidal for lack of a better way of describing it. I had never experienced depression ine my life and suddenly I was. When I stopped taking that drug it only got worse for me. I was referred to a psychiatrist and he also treated me with the best of intentions. I tried over 10 different anti-depressants, all of the basic sleeping pills, and benzos for anxiety. Still nothing worked and my health was beginning to deteriorate. I still could not sleep more than 3 hours a night despite being heavily medicated. I was losing my mind and it was terrifying. The drug Klonopin (a benzo) offered some relief but after reading about that drug and its addictive nature, my anxiety about that drug became even worse. As with all psych drugs, abrupt discontinuation is not possible and I now found out the reality of this. It culminated with a week stay at a psych hospital. Leaving my family was the most difficult part. There I was convinced that I would have to be on medication for life. I took a cocktail of medication for a period of time but the anxiety and depression never left and I still had a very difficult time sleeping. My days were spent in despair and I could not relax. I often describe the feelings of anxiety like being chased by an alligator except there was no alligator present. My flight or fight chemicals in my brain were in overdrive 24/7.
I came to Dr. Dean sometime after that. When I first talked to him he told me about neurotransmitters and that he believed they had been compromised. I was looking for a natural solution and he said he had something that may cure me. I was skeptical because I had been let down by the medical community so many times over the 2 year period. Dr. Dean and his team were remarkable. They tested me and determined that my brain was out of balance and that my gut health had been wiped out.
They put me on an intravenous amino acid regiment and I slowly began to get better.

I am now sleeping normally and taking no prescription medications to do so.
I have no anxiety. I know this may sound hokey, but Dr. Dean and his team saved my life. I can never really repay them. Anyone that wants to talk to me personally about this, I will be happy to do so. Anyone that has to go through anything like this is in my prayers.

I can’t promise any results and Dr. Dean did not promise me anything either. However, he said that he believed it would work. His team also includes his nurse, Debbie, who is truly the Florence Nightingale of the office. She is truly a wonderful person and her care and compassion is evident.
I’m not sure that words really justify how sick I was and how thankful that God led me to your office.

Male • Late 50’s • Ohio

Insomnia, Fatigue, Anxiety, Extreme Muscle Fatigue – Lyme Disease Diagnosis

“The first four weeks of treatment were life changing for me, after being so sick for so many years and to start feeling so much better within days was amazing.”

“I’ve had chronic Lyme for the past 9 years. Prior to Lyme, I exercised on a regular basis.  Through numerous doctors and 100’s of thousands of dollars I slowly built myself back from a debilitating life that my family had witnessed firsthand. I was very sick at that time, however with their help and support, I slowly regained my strength and was able to get back to working full time at my own business. I did work almost every day, however, sometimes it was only part of the day.  I felt I was about 50-60% and wanted to get back to where I was prior to Lyme disease. About 4 years ago I found a clinic that specialized in Lyme and went there for 5 weeks. The protocol was high dose vitamin C therapy to “kill” the Lyme. I’m not sure if they accomplished eradicating Lyme but I found myself back home feeling the same as I did before I went there. After leaving the clinic, I got home and found that I was unable to do strenuous activities again. When I worked out for a short period of time, the next day I felt as if I was getting sick with the flu. This happened so often that I was not able work out at all anymore.

I found Lifestyle Healing Institute two years after going to the previous clinic. I heard about Wyatt’s research in this field and was surprised and excited to get treated at the place Wyatt opened. Their approach seemed quite simple and after my initial meeting to discuss a few test results, I knew I was in the right place.  After two days I was sleeping through the night and after one week I was able to start walking every day and in two more weeks I began to slowly work out again. It had been over 9 years since I was able to do a decent workout. I had been working out since my early twenties, so it felt good to get back to a normal routine. I didn’t get sick after my workout anymore, I was sleeping much better, and my high blood pressure dropped to a safe and normal level.  Wyatt and Dr. Dean didn’t know that I had high blood pressure issues in the past, however I realize now that this was a by-product of the illness and treatments that I received before Lifestyle Healing. I continued to improve dramatically and did very well for a while, and realized I needed to go back for a tune-up and find out why my level of energy was slipping. I’ve had some ups and downs but overall I feel that they figured out the total puzzle with my health issues.

I took way too long to return to Lifestyle Healing because it had been so long since I felt well that I continued to work very hard, traveling weekly and did a record amount of business. I recently completed some updated test results and my most recent follow-up treatment went very well. After adjusting my supplements, I’m able to do daily workouts again and I’m back on track to staying healthy once again.

  The first four weeks of treatment were life changing for me, after being so sick for so many years and to start feeling so much better within days was amazing.

Thanks to all at Lifestyles Healing

Female • 20s • New York

Insomnia, Anxiety, Depression, Migraines

“I feel like a new person”

Female •  Mid 50s •  California

Insomnia, Anxiety, Chronic Pain – Fibromyalgia Diagnosis

From her Husband, “I have not seen my wife like this in the 23 years that we have been married.”

Male – 50s – Pennsylvania

High Blood Pressure, Thyroid Issues & Memory Loss

“I was taking an order from a customer and as I walked out the door, the customer said, “please add one more case of white gloves”. I acknowledged, but as I left his office, I forgot what color gloves he had just ordered thirty seconds ago.

This was very embarrassing and it frustrated me because a hot temper is one thing, however, I’m in sales and when you forget to place an order, it’s the beginning of the end. (I found out after my treatment that brain fog is a major symptom of toxin exposure).

All the logical excuses started to pop into my head, such as, “I’m getting a little older” or “I’m a little tired”, or “I’m a little stressed”. However, I had nothing to be stressed about because I’ve felt great for the last few years. I didn’t feel any older or tired, so I took the advice of a research engineer from a local “wellness” center; and did an array of blood tests to try to figure out if something abnormal would show up. He told me that many people use age as an excuse for not feeling well. He was happy that I felt as if something else was wrong with me.

The results came back with an alarming amount of problems. My medication was not working efficiently anymore, so my dosage was doubled in order to get the same results. I was now suffering from high blood pressure and a thyroid condition had developed. So now I started a regime of prescription medications to combat the symptoms of my new medical conditions.

After further analysis of the test results, there was a “red flag” for some type of brain toxicity; from a possible exposure to mold. I did have a leak under my kitchen sink seven months prior to start of my health deterioration. The leak was fixed and the insurance company was supposed to send a check to fix all the baseboards and cabinets that were damaged by the water leak from the sink. However the check was delayed for quite some time, and subsequently showed up about two weeks after my blood work was completed.

This had to be reason for my “red Flag” that appeared in my blood work. I hired a contractor, who ripped up the breakfast bar in my condo, which exposed black mold growing on the inside of the wall and cabinets. Once the mold was disturbed, the VOC’s and toxins were released into the air, which was created a suffocating effect. The insurance company immediately hazmated the house. I was forced to move across the hall and the insurance company paid my rent for the new condominium, because they realized how unsafe my contaminated condominium had become. I contracted for a mold remediation a month later.”

“I was able to get an all natural IV treatment for the toxicity in my brain and body, which was enough to get me back to normal. The results were astounding, and after my toxicity levels dropped to negligible levels, I started to feel 100% better.”

Which meant?

  • My medication reverted back to its original dose.
  • The thyroid medication was no longer needed.
  • The blood pressure medicine was no longer needed.

Female – 20s – New York

Anxiety and Panic Attacks, Sleep Issues

Thank You Lifestyle Healing,

Anxiety had been a part of my life for the last 10 years. It started getting increasingly worse lately and I realized that it was starting to affect my everyday activities. A recent anxiety episode while riding on the subway frightened me to the point that I knew I needed to find help. I have always done extensive research for everything I do, especially for any health issues.  I wanted to take a natural approach in my attempt to getting my life back and  my research led me to the Lifestyle Healing Institute website and their informational sister website There was so much to read and eventually I realized that they figured out that the brain is the main factor in attaining my overall wellness. Their approach to getting balanced through all natural supplements – either intravenously or orally makes sense, although it’s seemingly quite simple. After speaking with Wyatt, and after hearing all the medical reasons why this treatment plan would work, I became a patient.

After just a day or two, I was finally sleeping the way I used to, before all of this started. My anxiety level dropped immediately and coupled with a good night’s sleep, I felt like a new person.

I started to forget the issues I once experienced as the anxiety seemed to melt away quickly and never became a life changing event any longer.  The medical staff is extremely knowledgeable as they developed a treatment plan to address my specific concerns. Now I have my life back and am so thankful for Lifestyle Healing Institute.”

HEALTH UPDATE                                                           

Hello Friends and Family,
Alas! Finally, a blog update. After several months of some silence, you will now hear from us. Though it’s been awhile it’s been, for good reason, a lot has happened in these past several months. Birgitte finished off her 2nd round of treatment which went great. She detoxed off of 2 of her most difficult medication while achieving overall improvement in all of her symptoms. Then we went to spent the Holiday’s with both of our families, and had an extended stay in Norway to be with her Family and be in her Home Country.

It was only because of her improvement that we were able to travel this last 2015 holiday season. This was very special since it’s been 2 years since my wife has been able to travel to Norway because of her health.
Overall We could safely say that Birgitte is now 60% better. And her health hasn’t shown any sign in the past several months of going backwards in any way. This is so encouraging and an answer to prayer. Lyme affects so much of your body, brain and mind. It’s hard to dream outside of it, but because of her improvement, Birgitte is able to dream again, which is huge. She recently has picked up drawing again, something she let go of 8 years ago. Even though she is still in the process of healing her brain and body, It’s nice to see my wife unfold before my eyes. We are winning this battle.

Our next step is to get her off of her last 2 medications, while improving her overall all health and wellness. We wanted to extend our stay even longer in Norway, but not being able to get her correct medication in Norway made that impossible. Our plan is to go back to the Lifestyle Healing Institute in Naples, Florida to detox her off of her last meds, while also improving her health. We honestly believe this will be our last time there. Though something could come up, we have confidence that everything will be fine because of how well she has been improving. Thank you for supporting us and praying for us. It’s nice to see after a year and a half of struggles and living off of faith, that we are finally seeing the fruits of it.
– Anthony Tussing

Male • Mid 50s • Florida


“I am now sleeping normally and taking no prescription medications to do so.
I have no anxiety. I know this may sound hokey, the team at LHI saved my life. I can never really repay them. Anyone that wants to talk to me personally about this, I will be happy to do so. Anyone that has to go through anything like this is in my prayers.”

Female Mid 50s Florida

Up front I want you to know, there are no words worthy to describe my gratitude, to have put the journey to regain my quality of life into the hands of Wyatt and Dr. Dean at the “Lifestyle Healing Institute”.

My journey to find them, started after seven or so years of pleading with VA doctors to help me get well. The VA and the main stream medical community continued to push me off to the “Mental Help” experts. Whenever I reluctantly tried any of their medications, I would have severe adverse reactions to them. A turning point came for me after being hospitalized with bleeding internally and having to have blood transfusions. For me and my family, this was evidence that whatever was wrong with me “Was Not All In My Head”. I started searching out “Functional Medical Doctors.” They did help relieve some of the symptoms temporarily, but they admittedly were missing the root problem.

I expressed to my doctor, that I felt like I was drugged or being poisoned. So I decided to research online and my Functional Doctor ran blood test, and found indeed I had large levels of poisons, toxins and black mold in my body. I finally felt vindicated but upon treatments the oral supplements were to harsh for my stomach due to my Leaky Gut syndrome. I found a clinic in the North Florida area that was Detoxing people intravenously, and ended up staying there for 5 months.
I have no doubt they saved my life but even so, I was discouraged to have spent a fortune and still not be able to function very well. I heard about the “Lifestyle Healing Institute” and bravely looked into their program. The best decision I ever made for my health was putting it into the hands of Wyatt and Doctor Dean.

After 5 months of treatment in North Florida, I was only about 50% better. Then after only 4 weeks of treatments in Naples, they brought me from that 50% better condition to 75% better health condition….again in only 4 weeks!
After a short break, I then had an additional 2 weeks of treatments, that has brought me to about 90% better health condition that has allowed me to begin driving again. Many times prior to my treatment in Naples, I had thought upon a “30 Year Reunion” that was scheduled. I feared I would die before I would be able to go, or be too sick to enjoy it. I recently returned from my Reunion, and found I had more energy than most of my friends there!

I can’t not be more grateful to have found the “Lifestyle Healing Institute” – their program was designed especially for my complete wellness, and they interacted with me every day of my treatments. Debbie Pinter, was always pleasant to deal with and a constant encouragement to everyone. There were no big “Ego’s” to be found there, just a desire to make people well in as short a time as possible that I have no doubt, saved me from spending, another fortune, had I stayed in the previous place.

Male mid 40s California

About 8 years ago I was stricken with a near terminal illness, Late stage Lyme’s disease, Inter-cellular disease, and related toxicities. Although I didn’t know these were what I had until receiving testing and treatment at Lifestyle Healing Institute. I went to 35 different doctors ranging across just about every specialty. I was diagnosed with a whole bunch of syndromes but no real answer or viable treatment options for a cure. The traditional Docs diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Myofascial syndrome, Arthritis, Crohn’s Disease, Irritable bowel, leaky gut syndrome and Chronic Fatigue Immuno-dysfunction. I gave gallons of blood for testing over an 8-year period. I ranged up and down from Disabled to semi-disabled and some days had trouble even getting out of bed. My pain was unbearable and was taking way too many opiate pain killers and Tricicyclic drugs for the body and nerve pain. I began having serious cognitive problems about 1 1/2 years ago and was slowly losing function in my brain and internal organ processes were shutting down one by one… Traditional Western Medicine in the U.S. was unable to do anything for me…. Well I am happy to report after many hundreds of hours of research and trial and error I found this cutting edge natural medicine clinic and was able to be admitted for non-mainstream natural treatment. I’m very pleased to announce I have put this disease in remission!! And will not be leaving this earth any time soon…. My pain is reduced to the levels I maintained after the help of the pain medication; I no longer have to take – in fact I am now off of all 5 of my Pharmaceutical medicines. My brain is back functioning at 100%. I am sleeping through the night for the first time in 10 years. I am waking up refreshed and energized and my fatigue is virtually gone. My digestion has improved substantially and I am able to eat a lot of foods I had become overly sensitive to and could no longer eat. Thank you guys, I couldn’t have done it without you! It is truly surreal to have my Vitality back. Now I wake up every morning thanking the Universe for giving me my life back, for making me whole again…. Welcome back to Me!!

Since I’ve been home I’ve been catching up on everything I couldn’t do over the past 8 years of being sick! I really appreciate you and the whole crew.

The opinions expressed in patient testimonials are by patients only and their testimonials should not take the place of medical advice of a licensed doctor or other healthcare provider. Results may vary for each patient.