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Parkinson’s Disease Treatment

Parkinson’s Disease Treatment

Lifestyle Healing Institute® has done extensive research with various neurodegenerative diseases including Parkinson’s disease.  Unfortunately, the nationwide public thought process behind Parkinson’s is extremely similar to Alzheimer’s; “Let’s focus on one aspect of one system to cure a severe disorder – with one drug.” For Alzheimer’s it’s beta amyloids and for Parkinson’s it’s dopamine. Similar to Alzheimer’s and beta amyloids, the true question for Parkinson’s is why is the dopamine level lower today and not two, ten, or twenty years ago? If one could answer this question, Parkinson’s wouldn’t be such a mystery.

“It’s never just one entity of just one system.” For instance; movement is the culmination of at least three major centers in the brain. The pre-frontal cortex is responsible for voluntary motor movement; however, the basal ganglia and cerebellum are responsible for smoothing out motor movements through involuntary control. Through this basic integration of motor skills and our numerous quantitative correlations, we change the brain by providing the necessary tools and the necessary activation to help facilitate healing of a Parkinson’s brain.

We use different options when treating Parkinson’s Disease because we focus on what we can control, what’s safe, and what’s efficient. It’s about an individual’s Quality of Life.

We treat Parkinson’s symptoms safely and without prescription drugs and after testing over 100 biomarkers, we see generalizable and correlational biopatterns in every patient including those with Parkinson’s Disease.

Quantitative and Objective Symptoms of Parkinson’s

  • Excess Excitatory Neurotransmitters
  • Suppressed Inhibitory (Calming) Neurotransmitters
  • Overactive Anterior Cingulate Gyrus (conflict, rational cognitive center of brain)
  • Overactive Deep Limbic System (emotional center of brain)
  • Pathogenic Exposure and Infection – Lyme, Babesia, Bartonella, etc.
  • Compromised Gut Integrity – Yeast Overgrowth, Intestinal Dysbiosis, Poor Absorption
  • Myelin Damage
  • Neuronal Damage
  • Astrocyte Damage – Blood Brain Barrier Damage
  • Brain Endothelial Cell Damage
  • Massive Oxidative Stress – free radical oxygen species (ROS)
  • Prevention of DNA Replication – high affinity for ribosomal binding
  • Suppressed Magnesium
  • Suppressed Potassium
  • Suppressed Hormones – Nearly all hormones – both brain and body

It was determined years ago that there are similarities and differences between various ailments. The duration, severity, and potency of toxin exposure were positively correlated with increasing prevalence of disease, including neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

In other words, “the more you’re exposed to toxins the higher your risk for developing a serious disorder(s).” As Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s tend to affect the elderly, their toxin accumulation is usually much higher than those who are younger – which coincides and verifies our findings.

Don’t take our word for it – go to and type in “Parkinson’s and glutathione pubmed” and find numerous pages flooded with credible articles showing plummeted levels of glutathione in Parkinson’s patients.

This is the difference between our IV therapy and those numerous articles and other physician’s attempts at successful Parkinson’s Disease treatment – “they fail to ask the right question.” If glutathione is working in alleviating symptoms, then why not look at glutathione’s biochemical mechanism to make an attempt at diagnosing the true cause?

Glutathione primarily works by removing free radical oxygen species in the brain (reducing oxidative stress) as well as removing fatty toxins in the brain and body which is why our treatment protocol is successful because we remove toxin accumulation in both the brain and body. More importantly, everyone should test their homes, their place of employment (if possible) and their children’s schools for the true source of these toxins.

This is just one volatile causality that causes massive damage to the brain and it needs to be fixed. Glutathione alone isn’t enough to restore proper brain activity, therefore addressing numerous other cellular mechanisms with a safe and drug free protocol is required to restore dynamic equilibrium of all brain and bodily systems in patients suffering from Parkinson’s.

parkinsonsLifestyle Healing Institute® diagnoses the true causalities of Parkinson’s via our complex quantitative testing protocol, then we heal the damages and symptoms quickly, safely and without prescription medications. The primary mechanisms of our 100% All Natural IV Therapy (amino acids, vitamins and minerals) include removing harmful fatty toxins and resetting the brain’s electrical activity by reducing the rate of calcium influx into the cell.

Additional cellular mechanisms include reworking the integrity of the cell membrane (gate keeper of the cell), and restoring receptivity. Receptivity is crucial in Parkinson’s patients as the brain’s chemicals cannot activate and do their job without proper micro and macronutrients.

For example, levodopa (L-Dopa) is a chemical used to increase dopamine in an attempt to rectify the dopamine deficiency seen in Parkinson’s patients. The concept is accurate as L-Dopa converts to Dopamine; however, numerous micro and macronutrients are required in order to convert L-Dopa to dopamine and without these components, L-Dopa can’t convert to dopamine. 

This is only one example of one reaction of one chemical in the brain. We’ve pinpointed reactions that are vital in restoring the brain and body to dynamic equilibrium. We accomplish these mechanisms with our IV healing therapy along with additional measures to restore gut integrity and help eliminate any harmful pathogens that were allowed free entry by fatty toxin-induced immune system suppression. After we restore the brain and body’s dynamic equilibrium, we then focus on gut integrity, hormones, and the immune system. This is a holistic Parkinson’s Disease treatment therapy that heals symptoms safely and without prescription medications.