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Natural Treatment For Depression

Depression can be both a cause and a symptom. It can result from the debilitating nature of your Lyme and its accompanying symptoms, or it can be a longstanding issue that precedes your chronic Lyme treatment altogether. At Lifestyle Healing Institute®, we understand the complex natural of depression and how it is both physical and emotional in nature. Our natural treatment for Lyme will get to the bottom of all of your symptoms including your depression.

Subjective symptoms of conditions such as anxiety, insomnia and depression are directly correlated with objective biomarkers that reveal the interworkings of these crippling disorders; our natural treatment method for Lyme can heal your depression symptoms quickly, safely and without prescription medications.




As with every other disorder, there’s never just one symptom or causality related to any given ailment. Our natural chronic Lyme treatments reveals that every chronic disorder traces back to disruptions to physical chemistry and emotional health.

Everyone’s heard of the role that dopamine and serotonin play in depression; however, by only focusing on one or two brain chemicals, this leaves individuals without a fair shot to succeed. Again, there is no chronic symptom or disorder that only affects one chemical, one pathway, or one system. Many current chronic Lyme treatments utilize this narrow-minded thinking to heal your symptoms. Our holistic natural Lyme treatment focuses on multiple mechanisms that will give you the best shot to succeed.


  • Localized Dopamine Deficiency in D2 receptors in Brain
  • Underactive Nucleus Accumbens (pleasure center of the brain)
  • Underactive Pre-Frontal Cortex (PFC – processing, executive center of brain)
  • Autoimmunity
  • Adrenal Exhaustion
  • Overactive Deep Limbic System (emotional center of brain)
  • Suppressed Magnesium
  • Suppressed Hormones – Usually Testosterone and Estradiol


  • Cannot get out of Bed – can stay in bed until late afternoon
  • Feel Like you are in a Hole
  • Lack Excitement
  • GI Symptoms
  • Get Bored Easily
  • No Longer Feeling Joy
  • Struggle to Smile
  • Brain/Body on Two Pages
  • Inability to shut off the brain – mind races
  • Worry about Grades/Performance – Before, During, and After (or combination)
  • Inability to See Options
  • Stubbornness – Inability to Move on
  • Tend to Predict the Negative – Issues on the future
  • Avoidance of Social Situations
  • Can be Accompanied by Other Underactive Disorders – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – Many similar symptoms are seen among overactive disorders

As with many disorders, we must get the brain and body functioning on the same page.

Many psychiatrists only focus on one or two brain chemicals at best, and fail to understand the entire Brain Chemistry picture, let alone the hormonal, nutritional and environmental (toxin) factors that most disorders possess; we won’t even mention the complex cellular mechanisms at play. Even worse, someexperiencedLyme physicians will utilize these potent medications while treating your chronic Lyme without the proper understanding of what these drugs do. Not only is this unnecessary, but it is outright dangerous.

Psychiatrists and current chronic Lyme treatments are quick to hand out medications, many of which can only slightly alleviate symptoms and never address the true cause. The stubbornness of physicians to learn and continue to evolve also plays a role in the stagnation of therapies in our country and depression is no exception. Medical philosophies haven’t changed since the creation of medicine itself – always stemming from symptoms based diagnoses. With depression, the focus is changing behavior or more recently, genetics. However, the vast amount of scientific testing available today finally allows us to change this trend and implement a far more successful chronic Lyme treatment.