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Natural Treatment for Alzheimer’s and Dementia

What is a Natural Treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia?

Lifestyle Healing Institute® specializes in neurological brain disorders by utilizing our All-Natural method and protocol which dramatically affect these disorders. One of the main differences between other brain disorders and neurodegenerative disorders (Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, etc.), is the duration and potency of exposure to environmental toxins – specifically fatty toxins.

Fatty toxins are so small, they go unrecognized as they begin accumulating in the brain. Pinpointed genetic abnormalities make it even more difficult to recognize and rid your brain of toxins. As the brain is approximately 60% fat and the myelin sheath is approximately 80% fat, toxins easily find their way into the brain and begin their path of destruction to the brain’s method of communication and transmission. This type of potent toxins also cause massive suppressions to the immune system allowing unwanted pathogenic infections to wreak even more havoc on the brain and body.


The difference between less severe brain disorders and neurodegenerative conditions are the severity, potency, and duration of exposure to fatty toxins. Neurodegenerative diseases are multifactorial which is the reason these conditions require more extensive protocols designed specifically to address the underlying causality of the ailments.

As seen above, an Alzheimer’s brain has significantly less blood flow to regions of affective memory and cognitive function as compared to a normal, healthy brain.

Many physicians focus on one mechanism of one aspect of one bodily system when tackling disease. In the case of Alzheimer’s or Dementia it’s usually beta-amyloid plaques; however, you must tackle these disorders with every tool at your disposal. The brain and body are so powerful and this power must be harnessed in order to achieve true healing. 

Many continue to employ the wrong procedures and ask the wrong questions; the true question is why are these plaques forming – more importantly, why are they forming now? Instead of merely blocking this development, we focus our efforts on healing neurological symptoms safely and without a multi month or yearly commitment, and most importantly without any prescription medications.

Quantitative and Objective Symptoms of Alzheimer’s

  • Excess Excitatory Neurotransmitters
  • Suppressed Inhibitory (Calming) Neurotransmitters
  • Overactive Anterior Cingulate Gyrus (conflict, rational cognitive center of brain)
  • Overactive Deep Limbic System (emotional center of brain)
  • Pathogenic Exposure and Infection – Lyme, Babesia, Bartonella, etc.
  • Compromised Gut Integrity – Yeast Overgrowth, Intestinal Dysbiosis
  • Myelin Damage
  • Neuronal Damage
  • Astrocyte Damage – Blood Brain Barrier Damage
  • Suppressed Magnesium
  • Suppressed Potassium
  • Suppressed Hormones – Especially Sex Hormones – Estradiol and Progesterone among others
  • Cerebellum Dysfunction
  • Frontal Lobe Dysfunction
  • Environmental Toxicity
  • Hormonal Suppression
  • Extensive Autoimmunity
  • Hypothalamic – Pituitary Dysregulation

Natural Treatment for Alzheimer’s

One research facility relied on clinical trials that use massive doses of pharmaceutical immune blockers injected in the neck in attempts for direct brain entry. When will we change our thinking? As I’ve mentioned, fatty toxins are usually causing this immune dysregulation; so why not focus on the cause of the immune dysregulation? Why not remove the toxins (among other things)? Drastic and futile attempts at treatment solutions are the reasons why we established Lifestyle Healing Institute® – to heal symptoms quickly, safely and without  prescription medications.

Hundreds of thousands of articles have been published on the detriments that fatty toxins cause which is the reason we put so much emphasis on these toxins. Until recently, the mechanism of how these toxins caused neurotoxicity was vague at best. However, recently it’s been shown that toxins destroy the astrocytes in the brain which compose the blood brain barrier (BBB).

As individual cells have their own gate keeper, the cell membrane; the BBB is the gate keeper for the brain. When intact, it blocks harmful chemicals attempting to enter the brain. However, once the BBB is destroyed, as with fatty toxin accumulation, toxins are free to disrupt the brain’s communication, transmission, and even cause direct cell death. Astrocytes, along with other glial and supporting cells, serve as protection and maintenance for the brain cells (neurons), but once this barrier is breached neurons are too sensitive to survive and die almost instantaneously.

alzheimersAdditionally, fatty toxins disrupt the integrity of the brain endothelial cells which line all cavities in the brain bordered by fluid (cerebrospinal fluid, etc); they’ve even been shown to cause pituitary adenomas (tumors) in some cases. Moreover, our cells must replicate in order to survive as they are continually replaced every few months.

Ribosomes are vital in the DNA replication process, and fatty toxins have been shown to bind to the ribosomes with high affinity; they bind until the entire cell dies, completely inhibiting DNA replication. The only bright spot of these abnormalities is the mechanism at which these fatty toxins are removed is ultimately the same.

If these biochemical pathways are harassed, these toxins can be removed.

In the end, the most difficult aspect of healing is the regeneration of the myelin sheath in the brain. Sometimes, the damage is minimal, at which healing can occur on its own. In some cases, the damage is abundant and requires much longer care.

Either way, Lifestyle Healing Institute® removes fatty toxins, facilitates healing of the myelin sheath, resets the brain’s electrical activity, replenishes nutritional deficiencies, and corrects imbalances in the gut and endocrine (hormone) system. We also eradicate numerous pathogens that wreak havoc in the brain and body. Refer to the Lyme Disease (Immune System Suppression) Page and the Mold Toxicity Page for more details.

Subjective Symptoms of Alzheimer’s – Brief

  • Disruption in Balance – Increased Prevalence of Falling – Vestibular
  • Use of Canes – Decreased Mobility
  • Loss of 4 Second Memory – short term memory – 1st – Temporal Lobe
  • Loss of Working Memory – 2nd – PFC
  • Loss of Long Term Memory – Last
  • Increased Frustration
  • Lack of Motivation

Natural Treatment for Alzheimer’s

Additional symptoms of Alzheimer’s include dramatically reduced blood flow, especially to the pre-frontal cortex (PFC), the executive decision making center crucially involved in memory, the temporal lobe, and the cerebellum. First individuals forget a daily task, then forget what they had for lunch, and finally forgetting siblings and children’s names. This is the natural progression of Alzheimer’s – first, the four second memory is affected, then the four minute, the four hour and finally the memory responsible for long-term yearly memories. Their movement begins to slow. The good news is, brain images that show “holes” in the brain that reflect a lack of blood flow. This means that along with the other aforementioned mechanisms, boosting blood flow shows promising results in individuals.

The bottom line remains – Alzheimer’s and Dementia must be confronted with every mechanism available; it also helps that we’re able to pinpoint extremely effective mechanisms as we utilize Lifestyle Healing Institute®,s methodologies. Instead of one aspect of one bodily system, we focus on many aspects of every bodily system utilizing every tool at our disposal when combating disease.

None of these disorders are adequately handled without a true holistic quantitative approach. We’re able to correlate how you’re feeling with both subjective and objective data. This leads to easily discernible biopatterns that are both generalizable and specific to each disorder and it’s through science that we correlate each bodily system in harmony with one another.