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Gut / GI System

The gut plays a tremendous role in nearly all health issues. Gut imbalance is an integral part of our natural chronic Lyme treatment; therefore, testing must be done on specific gut biomarkers. You are what you assimilate and do not eliminate.

Many individuals suffering from chronic Lyme have significant problems with absorption, thus making subsequent treatments difficult and sometimes ineffective. One of the latest fads in medicine is linking the gut as the primary culprit for serious health complications; however, even though the gut integrity can serve as an indicator of one’s health, it is just another factor. Many chronic Lyme treatment centers and physicians will use food allergies, gluten sensitivities and diet as a primary diagnosis for your problems. Make no mistake, diet plays a tremendous role in your health, but many individuals who suffer from persisting problems have tried, and probably have already implemented better diet techniques. This speaks to a larger problem.

Organic and non-genetically modified organisms (non-GMO) foods are substantially more effective in providing the adequate amount of nutrition that you require throughout the day, but many of you have already implemented this lifestyle change and still suffer from many health issues. Thus, physicians redirect their ploys to gluten sensitivities or low carbohydrate, low sugar diets. Again, this is not incorrect, but making these changes will often not redirect the path of your symptoms, as many of you still find yourself suffering despite making these changes.

Our natural chronic Lyme treatment replenishes the gut lining and additional beneficial bacteria is replaced with our treatment protocol. 

Again, many have heard of probiotics (beneficial bacteria); however, many are unaware that too many probiotics causes toxic releases of pathogens. Thus, these types of therapies should be done in the safest manner possible because the brain must always be protected.

Much time and effort is spent replenishing these bacteria, but the gut lining seems to get overlooked. The importance of a healthy gut lining is crucial, not only for absorption, but also prevents many other disorders from occurring. Because your immune system plays a vital role in controlling your brain and body‘s reaction to invading materials, an adequate gut lining will help regulate these reactions. 

70% of your body’s immune system is in the gut and this is why many focus on replenishing these materials; however, if your gut lining is perforated, it begins to leak.

You can think of your gut lining as a sort of umbrella protecting your body from an onslaught of rain and other materials. Except once these materials continually invade the body, they cause numerous unwanted effects. These materials begin to leak into the bloodstream and, because they not supposed to be there, your immune system attacks them, causing further detriment to your body. This is thought to be a major contributor in auto immune disorders such as Crohn’s disease and Rheumatoid Arthritis.


Additionally, as the holes in your gut begin to escalate and become larger, your stomach will begin to lose its natural pH of between 1-2 (highly acidic – hydrochloric acid). This low pH is necessary to break down food and more importantly, destroy incoming parasites and pathogens. As your gut begins to leak and your pH begins to rise and become more alkaline, this can allow invading parasites to find a home in your body. The most alarming problem associated with these parasites and pathogens is not only can they build a home in your gut, but with your compromised gut lining, they now have direct access to your bloodstream to wreak immense havoc. GI issues are very common with chronic Lyme yet many chronic Lyme treatments do not reflect this well-established link.