No More Meds for Lyme Patients

no more meds for lyme patients

benzo lyme patientsSome Lyme patients come to our clinic looking like the walking dead. They not only tried multiple treatments with many different doctors, and have spent countless months or years and endless amounts of money seeking better health, they end up addicted to many prescription medications. Addicted is a strong word, however some Lyme patients have been taking medications for so long, that they could not stop, even if they wanted to wean down. Sometimes it may be an excuse to stay on massive doses of prescription meds.

In our opinion, this situation falls solely on the doctors who prescribe the medications. There’s never a justification to prescribe opiates or benzodiazepines to Lyme patients. Some doctors can cause their patients to seek relief because of their treatment protocols. One must question whether prescribing an ALS drug to Lyme patients is in the best interests of the patient. If this drug regulates glutamate, and the increased glutamate is a result of the doctor’s protocol, then the treatment is suspect because glutamate can reach exorbitant levels which is extremely harmful to the brain. The increased brain electricity results in returning symptoms which they were trying to correct.  

How can doctors prescribe Klonopin to “help” handle their “kill” protocols? How can they prescribe Rilutek, Lyrica, Clonidine, Clonazepam and Toprol simultaneously to help them through a “kill” treatment protocol? It’s just not right! After the program is over, it’s no wonder that patients are addicted to their medications. And they still have immune issues, GI function problems, neurological abnormalities, blood flow concerns and mental-emotional blockages. What then is the difference between a person addicted to drugs and a Lyme person addicted to drugs? The difference is Lyme people can say NO, before they get addicted.    

I am not putting down medications in general, because when prescribed properly they have beneficial results. Prescribed medications helped me pull out of a “hole” that I was in for a long period of time. It was a short-term solution; however, I was still on the medications. If I didn’t succeed in getting off those medications, there’s a small chance I’d been able to make the long-term strides I’ve made toward my extended health.  

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