Biofilms’ – Protection From Your Own Immune System

This is an audio clip from our book, Don’t Kill my Lyme: Just get me Better. It is a discussion on chronic Lyme disease and natural Lyme disease treatment. Specifically, it is a clip about the fortress Lyme builds, known as a biofilm, and how they can shield themselves from the defenses of our own immune system.

These audio clips are also snapshots on our philosophy on chronic Lyme disease as well as other chronic illnesses. The last ten years has seen our Lyme disease treatment center expand into a local primary care center that helps many different symptoms and disease states. We have become a model for complementary and alternative treatment for disease, using data driven holistic healthcare to redefine primary care, chronic illness, and chronic Lyme treatment.

Head to our Lyme Treatment page for more information about our Lyme disease treatment center as well as our natural treatments for Lyme. Our safe, effective, and practical solutions for chronic Lyme treatment are helping to redefine the way chronic Lyme disease is diagnosed and ultimately treated. 

Our natural treatment for chronic Lyme takes less time and is much less of a financial burden than other Lyme disease doctors and treatment centers. Check out our Media page for more information and head to Amazon to get your copy of Don’t Kill my Lyme!

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