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Mold Testing For Your Home – Mycotoxins In Your Home

We have direct access to the mold remediation methods mentioned below, so if you are interested in removing these toxins please email us and we will get back to you as soon as possible with the information. As aforementioned, if you take one thing from this site, please test your homes! Please remove these toxins!

As cited on many of the pages throughout this site, mold (mycotoxins) is a recurring theme in many of your current ailments as we consider mold toxicity the asbestos of our generation. However, the severity of this toxicity varies from person to person.  Some of you will require all natural mold treatment therapy to remove these toxins.

In this case, the first stage of treatment is all that’s needed, because after these toxins are removed, the body is able to function properly and restore its internal equilibrium (homeostasis) on its own.  In some cases, after toxin removal, your body may need additional treatment to jumpstart the restoration of homeostasis.

For others, however, the damages are not as severe and may not require much treatment at all.   Nobody can continue to live amongst these toxins without developing problems, but depending on the relativity of the toxin load, some are able to remove these toxins from their environment and recover on their own. If it is proven that these toxins are built up in your system, the source must be identified.  For many of you, the source is your home and, in some cases, your place of employment. However, under the UCDTM protocol, the source must be found.

It’s important at this time, to take a step back and invoke proper UCDTM thought processes. You need to timeline your life. When did you or your loved ones begin developing problems?  Was it when you moved into a new home? Was it after a leak occurred in your home? For many of you light bulbs are beginning to go off as you are realizing that the answer to these questions is yes. This is not a coincidence anymore because now you have read and understand the prevalence and damages that these toxins cause.

Now, what should you do? You have to remove these toxins – you have to remove the source. Please read the other pages on this site, if you have any doubt that these toxins are causing all of your health problems. Nearly everyone is familiar with water damage and mold remediation, but as you have realized after reading everything on this site, that there is a proper and correct way of doing things.  So much time and effort is spent on the science of mold toxins and their subsequent treatment, we could not spare any effort on the methodology of ridding these toxins from your environment.

Traditional methods employ tarps and negative pressure mechanisms to keep the toxins at the source, while the damage is rectified.  The problem with this method is, after these machines are removed and pressure is returned to normal, only the source is fixed and the toxins remain floating in your home, ready to be inhaled and wreak havoc. See the picture below, and notice the clothing they are required to wear.

They are wearing fully protective clothing and gas masks, covered from head to toe. Additionally, when these toxins are “stirred up” they release more toxic fumes and can cause even more damage than before the remediation. Therefore, extra measures must be taken, which has led us to the development of a more scientific and effective method for mold remediation.

These innovative methods involve spraying a non-toxic proprietary patent pending substance that dissolves mold toxins and completely removes them from your environment.  Thus, by utilizing this proven process, the source is removed, and the remaining toxins are entirely eradicated. If you learn one thing from this site, we hope its understanding the severity of mold toxins and their detriment to the brain and body.  Therefore, if you do anything, we hope, at the least, remove these toxins from your home.

We understand that quitting your job is not a viable alternative, upon confirming that your work environment is toxic, however the place where you lay your head at night is something within your control.  Some of you with adequate finances and the right circumstances can move into a clean and safe home; however, for the majority of you, at home mold remediation will be necessary.

We are in the developmental stages of establishing another proprietary method and process for an “At Home Treatment”, whereas, among other things, remediation of your home, while taking a few all natural supplements, will help you regain your health in the confines of your own home.

In cases where the damage is too severe, this process will not be effective, but for those of you whose toxin load is not extremely high, this method will be extremely efficient, as well as more affordable than an in-clinic treatment program.  While this “At Home” method is under development, you can fix your home and remediate the toxins by utilizing this established patent pending proven method. You will notice the health benefits almost instantly, and more importantly, this is a long-term solution.

If you have children, this becomes increasingly crucial.  Children begin to lay the myelin sheath (shields) in their brain between 2 months and 5 years old.  Because the majority of the brain and myelin sheath is fat, these fatty toxins, such as mold, will destroy these shields and lead to the development of nasty health issues for your children.

A child doesn’t have a choice, so we urge you to fix your home for your children. Many of you may have noticed a change in your children, whether it is food allergies or something more serious such as diabetes; these changes will become permanent if left unchecked. Fix your home and help yourself and your children while the toxin load is still relatively low. We strive to protect and provide the best life we can for our kids, and some of us have felt the helplessness of not being able to help your child when they are sick – this is something you can do and something you can do now.

We have direct access to these mold remediation methods, and if you are interested in removing these toxins, please email us, and we will get back to you with this information as soon as possible. Please be patient as the reader response has been expected, however at various times we could get backed up for a short period of time. As aforementioned, if you learn one thing from this website, please test you homes! Please remove these toxins!