Lyme Insomnia – Is This A Real Thing?

lyme disease insomnia

“If you correct the night, you correct the day”


lyme disease insomnia Lifesyle HealinginstituteIs there such a term as Lyme Insomnia? Insomnia is usually the result of an overactive brain caused by excess electrical activity, which is usually verified from neurotransmitter, amino acid and hormone testing. Unfortunately, most people with Lyme disease are crippled with insomnia. Sleep is one of the most crucial aspects of healing which is why we believe, “if you correct the night, you correct the day.” Insomnia is a type of sleep abnormality that’s categorized into two main issues – falling asleep and staying asleep. Difficulty falling asleep or shutting down the brain, is the most common condition of most individuals who come to Lifestyle Healing Institute. This issue is usually resolved by resetting and restoring an individual’s brain electrical activity. Because disturbances upset the brain’s balance, the excitatory neurotransmitters always begin to elevate. The brain, in response to this elevation, will increase its production of calming neurotransmitters attempting to correct the increase in voltage. This may cause both calming and excitatory chemicals to elevate simultaneously which usually results in severe difficulty staying asleep.

Doctors often prescribe medications to help their patients get some sleep. Drugs may help to get to sleep faster but that comes with big safety concerns, such as being too drowsy to drive the following day or feeling like you can’t move or talk. Some new drugs are no more effective than a placebo.

However, doctors rarely look at the total picture; the neurotransmitters, amino acids or how the brain is working. For instance, supplementing the brain and body with 5-hydroxytrytophan is sometimes the treatment protocol for women, but without adequate estradiol levels, serotonin receptors will close thus negating the original intention. This is just one example of one cofactor for one bio-chemical reaction however this applies to every receptor and this receptivity can be optimized with our amino acid, vitamin and mineral IV therapy.

There are many published studies showing that sleep resets the connectivity in the human brain which takes place in their waking hours. This is crucial for brains to remember and learn so we can adapt to the ever-changing world, “this work shows us that sleep is a highly active brain process and not a waste of time. It’s required for healthy brain function “said Dr. Neeson.

There are studies showing that insomnia can be a cause for increased risk or for a heart attack or stroke.

Individuals must also be aware that taking prescription medications for sleep purposes, especially benzodiazepines, may raise the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. There are many studies that back up this bold statement. They are especially risky in older people because they cause confusion. This causes many individuals to get misdiagnosed with mild cognitive impairment, dementia or worse – Alzheimer’s disease. There are studies that can prove everything you are reading.


The Solution;

You must correct the night and then you automatically correct the day.People often comment that Lifestyle Healing is more like a sleep center as well as a Lyme disease insomnia treatment and other debilitating symptoms. We could easily say “if you correct the symptoms, you correct the brain and body.