Long Term Lyme Treatment – 16 Days or 16 Weeks

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Why Stick Around For Lyme Treatment If You Aren’t Feeling Better?

lyme-disease-There are many different types of treatment protocols for Lyme disease. Some are holistic and some are based on prescription medications. Some have kill protocols and some do not. Many treatment centers require patients to stay at their clinics for an exorbitant amount of time. It doesn’t make because by taking a totally different approach toward healing the brain and body, people get better faster and without any horrible Die-off. Herx reactions are extremely dangerous because they increase electrical activity in the brain and can cause disruption to the hormonal and GI systems. We believe this premise: if you fix the symptoms from Lyme disease and other neurological disorders, then you will feel better. So, I ask the question, 16 weeks or 16 days?

Questions You Need To Ask Yourself

There’s no reason to think that you must kill anything in order to get better. But that’s why some people stay four to six months or over one year at some treatment facilities. You must wonder why they stay so long. Even though some people do get better, what treatment program would you rather do? 16 weeks or 16 days? Lifestyle Healing Institute regulates the immune system so your body can fight off infections at a comfortable speed. The rapid killing pace of other programs is done too quickly with Mega Dose Vitamin C and/or hydrogen peroxide which penetrate Lyme’s biofilm; however, not without a price. Some people pay with more than exacerbated symptoms and seizure like reactions; some can’t survive the Die-off. When an individual witnesses these horrible situations, WHY do they stay at these clinics? Why do they stay when they’re feeling worse than when they started? Why do they stay when the protocol is not all natural and prescription drugs are administered to offset the Die-off reactions? Why do they believe unreliable Spect scan results? Tell them there is a safer, more effective treatment protocol. Many do not realize there’s another method of healing. A method that doesn’t require killing Lyme at all. A method that can be done in 16 days not 16 weeks.

Are Results Consistent?

Some individuals will take longer than 16 days, however there’re feeling better, and that’s all that matters. No more guessing at the intended outcome. No more wondering if the protocol will work. You know it’s working because you feel better every day as you heal your brain, body and immune system safely, quickly and without prescription medications. A strong immune system is crucial in healing infections, as well as preventing infections from occurring in the first place. A strong immune system will not allow entry of bugs and pathogens. After individuals get better and stay better, that’s when they realize that 16 days is better than 16 weeks!

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