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The days of treating Lyme disease and other chronic conditions with antibiotics and prescription medications are over.

Don’t Kill My Lyme

New Chapter Just Added!

Healing doesn’t have to be so difficult.

Modern medicine has complicated the healing process through the indiscriminate use of prescription medications and the supposed cures are causing more harm than good.
In “Don’t Kill My Lyme – Just Get Me Better”, Wyatt Palumbo, BSChE, disputes the overwhelming opinion that you must “kill” your Lyme in order to heal. He breaks down this misguided and dangerous approach by citing numerous studies and educating the reader on how the body works and responds to infections and medications. 

He utilizes a Patented All-Natural safe method of treating Lyme symptoms without using any prescription medications. This groundbreaking book will help you gain a new perspective of how you think about:

  • Lyme Disease
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Autoimmunity
  • Prescription Medication Detoxification

If you have been searching for a more efficient and integrative method of healing, then dive into the deep insights provided in “Don’t Kill My Lyme – Just Get Me Better”. This multisystem approach to healing and understanding why traditional methods may not have been effective can change your mind and your life.

Discover a new line of thinking and leave behind outdated treatment methods. Your journey to better health can start with this book. 

“What Can I Do Now?” is an added chapter that gives you a way to accomplish what we do at our clinic by describing each process with the exception of IV therapy.