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tiger woods

Tiger Woods on Lyme Medications?

Ridiculous – I know how that sounds, but everyone in the USA was recently told that Tiger’s medications included Xanax ( That’s the medication that reputable Lyme disease doctors prescribe to their patients right before their Pet scans. Why, you may ask? So, the patient’s brain shows a very, very, very, calm brain on the […]

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why stay

Long Term Lyme Treatment – 16 Days or 16 Weeks

Why Stick Around For Lyme Treatment If You Aren’t Feeling Better? There are many different types of treatment protocols for Lyme disease. Some are holistic and some are based on prescription medications. Some have kill protocols and some do not. Many treatment centers require patients to stay at their clinics for an exorbitant amount of […]

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Lyme Depression

Lyme Depression – Is It Affecting You?

Is there such a term as Lyme Depression? Everyone has heard of depression, but how many have heard of depression caused by Lyme disease. A large percentage of individuals with Lyme disease that come to Lifestyle Healing have many severe symptoms of depression. But did Lyme cause this depression? Or is it part of many […]

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Wyatt Palumbo Featured Guest Speaker On !

Wyatt Palumbo Wyatt Palumbo graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Chemical Engineering with focus in Biochemical Engineering. He founded Lifestyle Healing Institute® in 2014 where he utilizes his Patent Pending 100% All Natural IV Therapy (amino acids, vitamins & minerals) which treats neurological and neurodegenerative medical conditions such as Lyme […]

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lyme disease insomnia

Lyme Insomnia – Is This A Real Thing?

“If you correct the night, you correct the day”   Is there such a term as Lyme Insomnia? Insomnia is usually the result of an overactive brain caused by excess electrical activity, which is usually verified from neurotransmitter, amino acid and hormone testing. Unfortunately, most people with Lyme disease are crippled with insomnia. Sleep is […]

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no more meds for lyme patients

No More Meds for Lyme Patients

Some Lyme patients come to our clinic looking like the walking dead. They not only tried multiple treatments with many different doctors, and have spent countless months or years and endless amounts of money seeking better health, they end up addicted to many prescription medications. Addicted is a strong word, however some Lyme patients have […]

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No More Prescription Medications

A Brief Overview & History of Prescription Medications 1986 is the year that opiate dependency was born. This is when pharmaceutical companies started their campaign to convince the FDA and doctors that opiates were not addictive and could be used for a pain medication in widespread situations. They needed a medical study that backed their […]

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lyme disease treatment

How Lyme Is Misdiagnosed

Lyme Misdiagnosed / Compromised immune System Numerous studies have proven that your immune system must have been compromised at some time, to allow pathogens into your system. The most common immune suppressant that individuals encounter are mycotoxins which are environmental toxins produced by mold species. Mycotoxins (Black Mold Toxins) enter the body through its most […]

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Traditional Alternative Therapies

Conventional Alternative Therapies After typical western protocols have been exhausted, one usually turns to alternative therapies.  Many conventional go-to alternative treatments include heavy metal toxicity, food allergies including gluten sensitivities, and diet focused therapies. When we think of alternative therapy, we turn to various types of treatment protocols that are non-traditional, something that western diagnostics […]

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Glutamate and the NMDA Receptor

Glutamate and the NMDA Receptor If you have meandered throughout our site, you should have stumbled upon glutamate, calcium, and action potentials. Glutamate is the brain’s number one excitatory chemical in terms of quantity; however, when its natural balance becomes compromised, the brain becomes extremely electrified.  An excitatory chemical, by nature, is a chemical […]

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