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Bacteria’s sessile (biofilm) form makes them not only easier to exist, but they’re much more efficient. Numerous studies show biofilm producing species have their own network designed for survival. They have their own nutrient, oxygen saturation, and metabolic systems. They have roads like a city shipping in nutrients and removing waste. They can even switch back to their free-floating form if they so please. If supplies run low, they roll or detach to invade other tissues and gather up the nutrients they desire. They also have an extremely intricate communication system known as quorum sensing; in other words, they talk to each other. Current research shows biofilm producing species actually designate a whopping 10% of their genetic code to this communication system. They have signaling cells and target cells whose activity is highly coordinated and integrated (43-46).

Moreover, biofilm species usually operate under the principle that strength is in numbers.

Bacteria tend to congregate together with multiple biofilm producing species. The more species, the more resistant biofilm becomes (32, 43). In other terms, a biofilm with only Lyme disease is less difficult to penetrate than a biofilm with Lyme and common co-infections such as bartonella or candida overgrowth.

If your body was a country, a biofilm would be a city – an extremely diverse, large, integrated, role-specific, community that vary in size but are inherently inevitable in any body or any country.

Simply Said, “A biofilm is melting pot of diverse, smart, coordinated, and integrated pathogenic species that function as a large urban city.”

Biofilms are simpler than equating them to a city because in the end they’re just homes for pathogens. Homes that exist in a city or out in the country. They’d rather exist in cities, but in the end, they just want a community and a roof over their heads. Think about it, would you rather live life zipping around on roads and highways left to fend for your own food, your own nutrients by yourself (the free floating form)? Or would you rather live in a nice cozy home with all your friends and family surrounding you in a self-sustaining community (the biofilm form)? I already know the answer to my rhetorical question, considering most, if not all of us have chosen the latter.

We’d rather have divisible roles, support systems, and most importantly, safety. Safety ensures survival, and a pathogen’s biofilm provides that safety; it provides pathogens with longevity that promotes survival within a sophisticated network. Us humans have similar systems and methods of survival. We too have nutrients, oxygen saturation, and metabolic systems. We too have an intricate communication system albeit done through the use of neurotransmitters, hormones, and much more. We too have strength in numbers. We too want a role specific multi-contributory community. We too want to be safe.

I wonder how all of that came about…

But we’re much smarter, we have nice large brains…

I digress…

Simply Said, “Biofilm producing species would rather exist in an attached biofilm form as opposed to free floating as it’s much more efficient for survival being in a self-sustaining intricate system known as a biofilm.”

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